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3 DIY Accessories for Fourth of July

While Fourth of July often involves plenty of crafting ideas for food and drinks, there’s also a lot that can be done to personalize a star-spangled ensemble this Independence Day. So read on and turn heads this Fourth of July in original accessories and other looks.

Red, white and blue scrunchie (Level: Beginner)

Photo credit: Flickr/ChristianeStruck


  • 1 hair tie
  • Swatches of fabric in your favorite red, white and blue designs and colors
  • Scissors


First, take your swatches of fabric and cut them into strips of about four inches in length. Then, take the strips and begin to tie them around the elastic until the entire band is covered and you have your own personalized Fourth of July hair tie.

Star Hair Pin (Level: Medium)

Photo credit: Pixabay


  • Cardboard
  • Silver glitter (or whatever color you want your star to be)
  • Mod Podge
  • 1 Box cutter
  • 1 alligator clip (this can be substituted for any type of hair clip you prefer to use)
  • Hot glue

Possible substitutions: This particular craft leaves a lot of room for creativity.

  • For example, the cardboard is what you will use to make your star so you may also use cardstock or any other material you would like. I just prefer cardboard because it’s the most sturdy.
  • For glitter, you can choose any color you would like your star to be. For this particular craft, I chose silver, red and blue since this a Fourth of July craft.
  • Whether or not you need the box cutter will be determined by which material you use for your star. So if you don’t have access to a box cutter or are deathly afraid of them like I am, you can use a thinner material that only requires scissors for cutting.
  • For the hair clips, any craft store will typically have a variety of bags of hair clips for you to choose from for crafting your own hair accessories. The craft section at major department stores might have a bag of hair clips to choose from but since supply is limited when going to a general store, it’s best to get to a craft store if you can.
  • As for Mod Podge, it is a fairly popular crafting product and is sold in the craft section of major department stores like Walmart as well. They also sell it in mini bottles for about $4.


First you’ll draw out your star shape onto your cardboard and cut it out with your box cutter. Then you’ll begin to add your Mod Podge to your star. The consistency of mod podge is fairly thick, so you’ll need a brush to dip in the jar and begin painting it on your star. Beware, Mod Podge dries fairly quickly so you’ll want to have your glitter ready to put on top as soon as you are done applying your Mod Podge.

Bonus: For an added 3-D effect, you can use construction paper in addition to your cardboard and cut smaller stars to place on top concentrically and decorate them as you please. Glitter or no glitter, red, blue or white, there’s plenty of room for creativity in design. Next, you’ll apply your hair clip to the back of the star with hot glue. This is the side that will not be seen by others so if you don’t want to add a clip on top of your work, be sure to only decorate one side of your star. Lastly, you’ll wait for everything to dry and you can clip it anywhere in your hair that you please.

Star Spangled Nails (Level: Intermediate)

Photo credit: Pixabay/Rhianag


  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • 1 nail art pen
  • Nail striping tape


First you’ll want to choose which nail you want to serve as the blue square in the American flag. Once you’ve done that you’ll begin coating that nail with the blue polish and allow time for them to dry completely.

While they’re drying, you’ll take your striping tape and simply lay it on the remaining fingers that you would like to serve as your stripes (I like to make one finger on each hand the stars and the remaining ones the stripes). Then, paint the nails with the striping tape on with the red polish and remove the tape once they are completely dry. This is crucial because all your work will be undone when you remove the tape while the polish is wet. Once you’ve done that, ta-da, you have perfect patriotic white and red stripes!

Bonus: Take your striping brush and fill in the gaps with your white polish if you want to be more exact with the colors. As for the remaining blue nails, take the nail art pen and use your white polish to freehand the stars then voila you’re done! 

Disclaimer if this wasn’t clear: This project absolutely does not require fifty hand-drawn stars on your nails or exactly fifteen stripes, the execution is in the aesthetic.

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