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Review: Lorac “Beauty and the Beast” lipstick collection

Last month, Lorac Cosmetics released a “Beauty and the Beast” collection in honor of the live-action film released back in March. Several Ulta rewards and a semi-annual coupon later, I was lucky enough to purchase the lipstick set from this collection.

Review by Marisa Martinez

Lorac Cosmetics’ “Beauty and the Beast” lipstick collection released in June 2017. / Photo credit:

In addition to the lipstick, the collection also included a cheek palette and an eye palette featuring 16 shadows and a brush. But, I wasn’t down to spend nearly $100 on one limited edition collection, so I purchased the $36 lipstick set which came with six different shades all themed to the film.

Belle-ieve, the mauvey pink shade of the collection surprised me quite a bit. Being a more medium olive-beige skin tone, pale pink lipsticks do not work on me and this particular color is actually what made me reluctant as to whether the collection would be money well spent. Belle-ieve sure proved me wrong. It’s the perfect shade of pink that can be worn with anything for those days when you just want to throw on a little lipstick without making a statement.

There are two other pale shades of the six, called True Beauty and Savoir Faire. True Beauty goes on as more of a frosty, almost white light pink, not particularly ideal for darker skin tones. It didn’t look terrible, but it didn’t provide any special pigmentation that I couldn’t get from some shimmer finish lip balms. Savoir Faire was another light pink, on the box it swatches light coral, and shows up that way when I wiped it off onto a napkin. But, I also didn’t have any particularly outstanding feelings towards this shade. While it was a light pink, it was not present enough on my skin tone to be a go-to shade or something I would purchase if it were not part of the set.

Tres Chic is the brown shade of the collection. Tres Chic is a dusty nude brown that is definitely noticeable but not exactly a bold lip either. It could be easily worn with a professional outfit for work or a meeting, while still making it known that you’re wearing lipstick. Unfortunately, after an hour or so of wear, it turned into a taupe, almost light purple shade making me look like a corpse, definitely not my favorite look of the collection.

Lastly, the aptly named Red Rose is a blue-toned infrared that is definitely bold and a great red for the summer time due to its lighter nature. It’s perfect for all those bright hues in your summer wardrobe.

As for the overall formula of the lipsticks, it is quite moisturizing and goes on incredibly smooth. The bullets are precisely shaped the way they should be and create that perfect point to line your lips, and are also thick enough to fill them in with the product. Color payoff is pretty good as well, and while I swept on each shade more than once, the true shade came out in the first swipe, perfect to be thrown on in a hurry just before stepping out for class or work. And to top it off, they smell like vanilla cake!!

But, also a warning for those of you with an aversion to vanilla scents, the scent is definitely detectable when applying. Overall, the lipsticks are good quality but the versatility of the shades is poor in my opinion, given that of the six shades, there were only about two I was particularly excited about wearing. While Belle-ieve and Red Rose knocked it out of the park for me, I wouldn’t purchase the entire set only for those two colors. Hopefully in the future Lorac sells the lipsticks from this collection individually.

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