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Review: Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection

Disclaimer: I, in no way claim, to be an expert and solely provide my opinion and first impression upon trying out the Fenty Beauty products.

A few weeks before its release, Rihanna began posting on social media images of the Fenty beauty collection featuring foundation, facial cosmetic products and  lip gloss! Thanks to Rihanna’s Instagram live story the night of the launch, and Sephora’s ability to provide samples, I was able to get my hands on some of the items from Fenty Beauty. The biggest characteristic about this cosmetic line was inclusivity and “something for everyone” with 40 shades of foundation in its first release.

Fenty Beauty haul!

After seeing the power of the Killawatt freestyle highlighter “Trophy Wife” on Rihanna at the Fenty Beauty launch, I purchased with no hesitation. In addition, I purchased a shimmer stick (part of the match stix) in the shade “Rum.” Both products are meant for multiple uses as a highlighter, blush, or even as an eyeshadow!! (Also a lip color if you’re feeling adventurous)

Here’s a breakdown of the products and tools offered with Fenty Beauty.

“Find Your Shade Tool”

Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty

After using the “find your shade” tool on the Fenty Beauty website, I matched myself as a 290 neutral olive. I didn’t purchase the foundation that night (I would have easily spent over $80 if I had) because I wanted to swatch the shades in person to be sure I chose the right one. After going through the color match process at Sephora without informing the employee at all of the shade I thought I might be, I was matched at a 290. There have been other accounts of the surprising accuracy and depiction of the foundation shades online which is always a win. After that experience, I was given a sample of 290 as well as the retouch primer to try at home before throwing down more than $60 for both.

Pro’Filtr Invisimatte Foundation and Primer:

At first, I was not a fan of the foundation, to my dismay. It truly is incredibly matte and dried in a matter of seconds after it touched my skin. Since my skin dries easily, it immediately felt very dry and thus made it more difficult for me to gauge the amount of coverage. In addition, it appeared to have oxidized quite a bit and looked more like I had applied a whole new shade of tan to my face when all I wanted was a natural look. Being the huge Rihanna fan I am, I gave it another try. Since other reviews had come out by this time about it oxidizing on their skin and being very drying, I recalled I had forgotten to moisturize the day I tried the foundation for the first time. After trying the foundation again on a day where I had moisturized my skin earlier in the day, it matched seamlessly with my skin tone, wasn’t drying at all, and gave that flawless matte and poreless look every girl hopes for in a matte foundation. I skipped on the primer as I have others that work quite well for much less. Although if you have the money, I’d get both to ensure you have a primer that you know works well with that particular foundation.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in “Trophy Wife”

Look at that packaging!

As expected, Trophy Wife is quite the equivalent of rubbing money on your face (I’m pretty sure Rihanna just grounded all her bars of gold into powder on this one) and there is no other experience like it. While a gold highlight is still a bold look, it’s definitely buildable. Here are two ways you can utilize Trophy Wife.

For a bold look:

If you’d like to dress up as C3-PO or literally be “extra” for Halloween, take a flat kabuki (or whatever you prefer) and brush it full on to the highlighter using the entire head and swipe away on your cheekbones like your life depends on it. At first glance, it didn’t look like much, but then it hit the light and  there was no turning back. However, despite how silly and incredibly bold I looked, it still felt amazing to be able to have a product so highly pigmented on my face, it was a dream come true. As someone who has searched far and wide for a yellow gold cosmetic product that actually shows up on my medium skin tone the way it’s supposed to, Trophy Wife definitely exceeded expectations.

To only be low key extra:

For $34, I wanted this to be something I could wear on any day, not just when going downtown or to a theme party. Second time around I was much more careful with how much I packed onto my brush. For a more subtle look, brush ever so slightly with the edge of your brush onto the highlighter, and begin applying it wherever you’d like and add more as needed to create a nice natural gold highlight (is that an oxymoron? #Onlyin2017).

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in “Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule”

It took about a week for the Fenty products I ordered the night of the launch to come in, so in the meantime I purchased the highlighter duo I heard the most buzz about once I was able to get to Sephora. While this particular duo is sparkly and pigmented in its own way, it’s not something I find myself wanting to reach for as much as I do Trophy Wife. Mainly because I have other good shimmer and matte pinks that work well on my face that I already own. I’ll likely exchange this one so that I can purchase the foundation.

Shimmer Skinstick in “Rum”

Much like the foundation, the shimmer sticks need more than one use before they can really shine (no pun intended). Rum definitely was the right shade for my skin tone and there were no issues blending it. However, it just didn’t wow me. I wanted to GLOW! On a day of work where I would be meeting folks from corporate, I decided to give Rum another chance (much like I did in my college years). I wanted to put my best face forward, but also didn’t want to wear anything that would draw attention to the fact that I was wearing makeup, instead of my work. My shimmer stick did just that. I loved how quick and easy the application was and how convenient the size is. Perfect for a woman on the go. I’ll definitely be purchasing the match stix trio so that I can use these convenient little guys for contouring as well.

Overall, it seems that there is something for everyone in this collection. There’s the foundation and match stix to cover the basics for women who want a flawless, but natural look. At the same time, there are also standout highlight products that are amazing for a girl who likes to experiment with bold looks (a few of the shimmer sticks come in bold colors as well).

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