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Wizard World Austin 2017: Holly Marie Combs talks a “Charmed” life

Wizard World Austin Comic Con got pretty damn magical this year with the addition of “Charmed” actress Holly Marie Combs, who joined the Austin line-up this month. Combs was best known for her role as the middle-turned-eldest sister witch, Piper Halliwell. It had been three years since Combs came to Wizard World, and we were happy to head over to her panel to see her again.

Lindi Smith of moderated the panel. Combs opened up the floor for questions from the audience.

Combs joked about the portrayal of Piper in the comic book series, which continued as season 9 and season 10 from the TV show after the series finale in 2006.

Concerning the latest “Charmed” reboot news, Combs responded:

“Charmed” has been in reboot talks for quite some time from various networks, but back in the spring, the CW, formerly the WB, released a statement about rebooting the witch drama without the original cast and setting place in the 1970s New England with new witches. Speaking from a fan’s perspective, any person who knows anything about “Charmed” knows that this “reboot” concept would not work simply because it is too far gone from the original show. IGN reported back in August that the show is under “re-development.”

Combs gave her official statement about any reboot of “Charmed”… If you were attending the panel, you knew exactly what she meant.

Combs’ mother Lauralei walked into the panel late and Combs had no problem putting her on the spot jokingly. Lauralei works for Austin Animal Center. In fact, Combs has been featured on several TV interviews for pets that need new homes. She also considers Austin her second home and owns a ranch just outside the city. She is an avid animal advocate and has many pets at home.

To wrap up the panel, a fan asked Combs for any advice she had for anyone looking to break into the industry.

If you are a “Charmed” or “Pretty Little Liars” fan, you can continue to see Holly Marie Combs at upcoming Wizard World comic cons in 2018.

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