Shuffle The Podcast

Hi y’all! Get hyped! We are starting an official Shuffle Online podcast. Shuffle the Podcast will be co-hosted by Shuffle Online co-founder, Catherine Gonzales and Shuffle Online movie guru, Caitlin Kennedy.  We will be joined by fellow Shufflers, Jackie Ruth and Leigh Kettle from time to time. We will be discussing the latest movies, music, TV shows we’re binge-watching and more!

We cover a lot of events throughout the year, including SXSW, Austin Film Festival, Wizard World Austin, ATX TV Fest, RTX and many more! We will be bringing you all the exclusive interviews and breakdown from those events so you can be part of the action. Sounds exciting right?! We are pretty excited. When we started Shuffle Online, we wanted to create a community for the curious and it’s now involved to this Shuffle community that is awesome and supportive. Shuffle the Podcast will be very much based on creating another community and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

The first episode of Shuffle the Podcast drops Wednesday, August 15! Make sure you’re following us on whatever platform you prefer down below! Happy Shuffling!

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