Shuffle Online is an online magazine covering entertainment and lifestyle news. We’re based in Austin, TX and like to keep things weird by bringing you the latest film reviews, concert recaps and exclusive interviews with filmmakers, artists and musicians! We’re a small team made up of mostly 80s and 90s kids, so we like to keep it retro and nostalgic and eat too many tacos. So take a look around and get Shuffling!


Catherine Gonzales | Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Catherine grew up watching action flicks at a very young age which led to her love of film. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Radio-TV-Film in 2012. Always the adventurer, Catherine traveled and lived in Sydney, Australia for a year where she took a selfie with Brad Pitt. She runs Shuffle with passion, lots of caffeine and tacos. When she’s not editing or writing you can find her crafting and planning her next adventure. You can follow Catherine on Instagram  and Twitter.

Victor Gutierrez | Founder and Graphic Designer

Victor is the resident Graphic Designer for Shuffle. Originally from Villavicencio, Colombia, he lived in Sydney, Australia for five years working in graphic design. You can find him cooking or gaming when he’s not working. Follow Victor on Instagram.

Jackie Ruth | Contributing Writer & Copy Editor

Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Jackie has called Austin home since choosing to attend the University of Texas, where she graduated with a degree in multimedia journalism. She loves spending time with her dog, writing about pop culture in all its forms and spending time with friends – eating, drinking and doing trivia. You can follow Jackie on Twitter and Instagram.

Leigh Kettle | Lead Music Contributor + Photographer

Leigh is a native Texan gone temporary New Yorker and now proud Austinite. Passions include but are not limited to music (both as a spectator and dabbler), traveling & cultural adventures, film & television, true crime, design (of the fashion, interior, and graphic sorts), and photographing & writing about all the aforementioned. Self-acclaimed coffee connoisseur & wino, cat aficionado, book worm, and nature junkie. Follow Leigh on Instagram and Twitter.

Matt Bilodeau | Film Contributor

Matt graduated from Keene State College in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Critical Film Studies. A few of his favorite films include “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Army of Darkness,” “Before Sunrise” and “Certain Women.” Having already contributed to Bloody Disgusting, ELF Magazine and The Simple Cinephile, Matt aspires to expand and continue writing with various outlets. If there’s any chance to talk about horror films and/or Twin Peaks, he’ll very much jump at the opportunity. Follow Matt on Twitter.

Rebecca Daniel | Film Contributor

Rebecca Daniel is a freelance journalist from Atlanta, Georgia. She was introduced to “The Sound of Music” at age two which led to her love of film and all things musical. You can often find her writing a review about the latest movie she’s seen in theaters or counting down the days until she watches the next one. Rebecca recently made a short film called “Movie: Impassable.” She just got her Independent Producing Certificate with UCLA Extension and hopes to make more movies in the near future! She is inspired by directors like David Fincher, Sofia Coppola, and Damien Chazelle. When movies aren’t on her mind, Rebecca enjoys hanging out with friends, watching football and baking a fun dessert.

Find her more of her writing on her site Show Me The Movies and on Twitter.

Daniel Berrios | Film Contributor

Daniel Berrios watches movies in Dallas with his wife and three meowing children. When not watching movies, he’s likely writing about them or discussing them on his YouTube channel. Outside of film, he enjoys “Borderlands,” cooking and playing a guitar that desperately needs new strings. Find Daniel on Twitter and YouTube.

Sarah McGrath | TV Contributor

Sarah is an English Literature graduate based in London who just finished studying her MA. Other than watching too much tv, she’s interested in the Bronte sisters and queens throughout history. You can follow Sarah on Twitter and her blog. 

Shadan Larki | Film Contributor 

Shadan graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s of Journalism and has since been working as a social media and marketing manager for non-profits and small businesses in Houston, TX. When she’s not tweeting, you can find her ferociously consuming anything related to books, movies, TV and award shows.‬ Follow Shadan on Twitter.

Kristin Janssen | Contributing TV Writer and Live-Tweeter

Kristin was a military brat growing up but now she lives in Orlando with her husband Will and their dog Egon. She and her best friend Wil (not the husband!) have written a novel together and recently started the podcast “So…I’m Watching This Show” where they discuss movies, TV shows and pop culture in general. Most nights you can find her drinking wine and live tweeting way too many things. Follow Kristin on Twitter and Instagram

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