Shuffle Online exists for the curious: Think geek. Think arts. Think lifestyle. We are the community for the creative. A place where your content matters.


ChinLin Pan, Editor-in-Chief

Full-time editor and grad student with a pinch of petite and a lot of geek. Ambitious part-time marketing assistant. If I’m not working or in school, I’m usually binging on a show or playing Pokemon Go. I love–in no particular order–Starbucks (no shame), tacos, TV, and spending time with friends. Follow me on Twitter @chinlinpan and Snapchat @cpansnaps.

Catherine Gutierrez, Communications Director

You’ll find me posting the cool things you see on Shuffle with a taco always in hand. Is there any other way to work?! Being highly caffeinated is normal and sometimes I hang out with my husband, sometimes, if he bring tacos. Follow me on Instagram @thingscatloves and Twitter @things_catloves and Snapchat @keedycat21.

Victor Gutierrez, Creative Director

Chanelle Gibson, Copy Editor

Chanelle is an Illinois native studying Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin.

Marisa Martinez, Staff Writer

Marisa is an Austin native — follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see all of her Capital City adventures. You can also check out more of her writing here.

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