Shuffle Online exists for the curious: Think geek. Think arts. Think lifestyle. We are the community for the creative. A place where your content matters.


ChinLin Pan, Editor-in-Chief

Full-time editor and grad student with a pinch of petite and a lot of geek. Ambitious part-time marketing assistant. If I’m not working or in school, I’m usually binging on a show or playing Pokemon Go. I love–in no particular order–Starbucks (no shame), tacos, TV, and spending time with friends. Follow me on Twitter @chinlinpan and Snapchat @cpansnaps.

Catherine Gutierrez, Communications Director

You’ll find me posting the cool things you see on Shuffle with a taco always in hand. Is there any other way to work?! Being highly caffeinated is normal and sometimes I hang out with my husband, sometimes, if he bring tacos. Follow me on Instagram @thingscatloves and Twitter @things_catloves and Snapchat @keedycat21.

Victor Gutierrez, Creative Director

Chanelle Gibson, Copy Editor

Chanelle is an Illinois native studying Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin.

Patrick Nye, Photographer/Videographer

Patrick Nye is from Orlando, Florida but currently based in Austin, Texas. He specializes in action and adventure content as well as concert and event photography and videography. Alongside his passion for capturing the world to share with others, he enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors. Patrick has been a photographer for nearly 4 years and continues to push himself everyday by learning and trying new techniques.  You can see more of his work on his website http://patricknye.com or on Instagram/Twitter @pnyeguy.

Parker Conley, Photographer/Videographer

Parker Conley is based in Austin, Texas. He specializes in action and adventure videography and his work can be seen at remoteteamfilms.com. Parker loves to spend time outdoors capturing landscapes and people in ways that show just how much fun the world can be. In addition to photography and videography, Parker is also an experienced screen actor and voice actor. For more information or to contact Parker check him out at facebook.com/parker.conley.7.

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