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POP Austin Graces Austin with International Art

Bet you never thought Andy Warhol would make an appearance in Austin. Well…he’s not—for obvious reasons—but some of his works, along with other breath-taking and thought-provoking pieces from contemporary artists around the world, will be right here this weekend. That’s right, art collectors, enthusiasts and fanatics alike rejoice as POP Austin International Art Show, the first of its kind, graces the Texas capital.

POP Austin International Art Show will be held at Fair Market on E. 5th Street from Oct. 17-19. starting with the grand opening VIP night. It will then be followed by open exhibits on Saturday and Sunday. The show exposes the public to contemporary art that is often exclusive to the art community.

Installation 5_Black and Blue by Eric Pieper and Alex Roka
Eric Pieper and Alex Roka’s “Black and Blue” installation for POP Austin’s International Art Show this weekend. Photo courtesy of Juice Consulting.

The show will house works of esteemed contemporary artists from around the world,such as Mr.Brainwash, Gao Brothers, and Shepard Fairey as well as up and coming artists and Austin natives.

Bale Allen, an artist that works with a wide variety of mediums and will be showing his work at the event, describes his enthusiasm for the upcoming weekend.

“I am very excited about POP Austin and I think that any and all attempts to bring art to this town is great and essential for this city creatively,” Allen said. “I believe there are many people that don’t collect art because, for one reason or another, they haven’t been exposed to it. Shows like this help introduce people to art from around the world and it might light some kind of fire inside that may inspire them to create or collect.”

POP Austin will be unlike any show of its kind because not only does it bring works from artists all over the world to Austin, but it propels the Austin art scene forward as a global center for the cultivation and education of contemporary art. The 2014 show being the flagship of an annual event, POP Austin poses to be a promising and lasting component of the flourishing Austin Art scene. It will undoubtedly be an inspirational weekend.

GoodPop Installation 2_Photo by Joseph Sims
Joseph Sims’ “GoodPop” is set up in downtown Austin for POP Austin’s International Art Show this weekend. Photo courtesy of Juice Consulting.

Todd Sanders, another artist showing this weekend, hand paints sheet metal to look 60 years old and adds custom neon lighting to each piece.

“I’m inspired by the pop artists of the 1950’s and 60’s,” Sanders said. “Their art was a cross between art and commerce. My art is a collision of art and commerce.”

In addition to renowned artist such as American pop artist, Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, Austin artist such as Tony Diaz, who creates via screen print medium and owns Industry Print Shop ,will be making appearances. This is really going to be one for the books as it is a melting pot of so many different mediums and perspectives.

“Excitement is a word that doesn’t even begin to describe being a part of POP Austin,” Diaz said. “To be a part of this show is a large achievement in my art career, I feel like my path in art has not fully blossomed, and to be a part of this show is like being a 8 year old in college calculus. I am by no means calling myself a prodigy, but more like some sort of underdog. I cant wait to see how the work is received.”

The show has also been surprising Austinites with contemporary installations around the city. Jason Archer’s Conservatorium of Infinite Wisdom, Sustenance and Guidance is located at 6th and Brushy. There are also four other installations that can be found in various Austin locations.

“As the Austin landscape quickly changes, the Conservatorium is a symbol of preserving Austin heritage along with advancing the Texas humanities and culture,” Archer explained as he describes his work.

In addition to the general viewing, the show will be holding “POP Talks” on Saturday and Sunday. This will be a lecture series for attendees to hear from a copiously diverse group speakers throughout the weekend.

With so much to offer POP Austin International Art Show is sure to inspire, entertain and educate all who attend.More information about the event schedule and purchasing tickets can be found at

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