Japanese-International Song Collaborations to add to Your Playlist

With the Japanese music industry being one of the biggest in the world, many Japanese artists are starting to make a name for themselves in the international market. Many well-known international artists have decided to add ‘collaborate with a Japanese artists’ to their to-do list. From Owl City, to the UK’s own Little Mix, to even KISS,(!?) there are many artists whose collaborations with Japanese artists have not been highly publicized, but should be because of how awesome these collaborations have turned out.

Here is a list of Japanese-International collaboration songs that have been recently released or will be released later this year.

Owl City’s “Tokyo” feat. SEKAI NO OWARI

SEKAI NO OWARI sent a request to Owl City for a collaboration between them. While discussing their interests, Owl City became impressed with their views and goals for the future and agreed to it. They ended up taking part in Owl City’s “Tokyo.” With good lyrics and both lead singers’ voices complimenting each other, the song is the perfect one to jam out to in the car.


You think you know KISS? Can you imagine them collaborating with a Japanese idol-group? Well, they have! The rock legends teamed up with Momoiro Clover Z, a five-member girl group known for their energetic performances featuring gymnastics and ballet. Momoiro Clover Z’s net worth is over 5.2 billion yen. Who knew that these cute and adorable girls would have a chance to collaborate with American hard rock superstars?

Flower’s “Dreamin’ Together feat. Little Mix”

LDH’s (a Japanese record label) own group, Flower, just recently teamed up with Little Mix to create an empowering song called “Dreamin’ Together.” Little Mix commented saying that they were all about girl power and agreed to be featured in Flower’s song. Not only is the video appealing, but the song is very catchy. Since Flower is a two vocalist and four dancers performance unit, the dancing in the video is excellent and it’s easy to tell that all the girls are having a good time. The vocals in this song are amazing and you will soon be putting this song on repeat all day long!

Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “Storm Riders” feat. Slash
Another Japanese group collaborating with an American hard rock legend!? It seems as if this is the year for American rockstars to make their way into Japan. Although he is already well-known there, Slash will be helping out Sandaime J Soul Brothers on their new single “Storm Riders.” The song will be uptempo and featuring Slash’s guitar skills, of course. With the song’s released date being April 22, the wait will be worth it for many Sandaime and Slash fans.

Be sure to give them a listen and tell us which ones you like best, and if we missed your favorite Japanese collaboration!

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