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Top 5 Reasons Why I love “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

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It’s no secret that I am a nerd-a geek, lover of all things dorky, geeky, and sometimes freaky. Well, among all of the comic books, video games, and TV shows, I also find myself quite an anime lover.

My disposition toward anime and manga started back when I was in middle school. I had started reading and watching “Fruits Basket” and became immediately hooked. Although my tastes have greatly changed from when I was a middle school student, one thing that seems to remain constant: my love for “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.” I recently watched the series over again and my love grew to even greater lengths after I realized, once again, just how amazing this anime is.

Although I could go on and bore you with just how much and why I love this series, I, being the kind person I am, narrowed down my list to just five reasons why I love “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” so deeply.

  1. The determination each character feels towards a common cause. Maybe I’m a sucker for stories that tell of people finding courage in the face of adversity. Maybe I enjoy rooting for the heroes who, against all odds, are able to improve the lives of the general public. Maybe it’s both, but, this is a main reason why I enjoyed the show so much. I have always been one to feel connected to stories where people triumph over evil because they tell of something that is hidden within all of us: the drive and determination to band together and fight for a better future; to give hope to the people who look up to us.
  1. Winry and Edward. My OTP. My life. Call me a fangirl all you want. I don’t care! Wanna know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE CERTAINLY CORRECT, MY GOOD FRIEND. I love romance in books, movie, TV shows, and animes are no different! The relationship they share is comedic and warms my heart. To this day I still tear up when I think about the last episode and Edward exclaims, “Equivalent exchange! I’ll give you half of my life, if you give me half of yours!” Then Winry responds and melts my heart into a huge, goopey puddle.
  1. Alex Louis Armstrong. He’s huge. He’s strong. He’s more kawaii than you will ever be. (Flowers appear and stars twinkle in his eyes when he wants to give people one of his shirtless hugs, how do you get any better than that?!) He was definitely one of my favorite characters throughout the show and brought me a lot of laughs. I’m smiling right now just because I’m thinking about him :).
  1. The comedy. While some people may feel that certain jokes, such as Edward’s height, were overplayed throughout the series, I thought it was quite nice to have an on-going joke. It was comedic to see just how prevalent Edward’s height was in his life. I also loved the comedy surrounding Alex Armstrong as mentioned in the above point. The comedy in the show meshed really well with the otherwise very tense and sometimes morbid main plot. Small parts of comedic relief put viewers in a happier state rather than being constantly worried about what was going to happen next. (I mean, come on, this show did get pretty depressing at times … remember when Alphonse almost made himself believe that he wasn’t real? That his memories were fake? That he was never human? Yeah … I remember that …)
  1. The human emotions that played out within the show. Despite being about alchemy and being able to bind someone’s soul to automail, the show actually spoke to human emotions and the human condition. Loss, prejudice, belief, good and evil are only some of the relatable themes brought up in the anime. When you see Edward and Alphonse crying over their lost mother, you feel the pain in your chest about the thought of losing someone that close to you. When Winry drops to her knees wishing she had the courage to shoot Scar for killing her parents when all they wanted to do was help, you feel the inner hurricane roaring within her. You feel your heart break when Maes Hughes’s daughter wonders when daddy is going to come home at his funeral. All in all, the show is amazingly deep and enveloped in the emotions that people go through each day. It makes it very easy to identify with characters and feel yourself tied to them. Maybe I’m just a sentimental nutcase, but feeling these human emotions while watching “FMA: Brotherhood” just made it more entertaining.

As I stated before, I could go on with how much I LOVE this show. There is so much I haven’t covered that I wish I could talk to you lovely readers about, BUT that would make this post extremely long and annoying to read. I hope my list maybe renewed or sparked your love for “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” because, and I’m just being honest here, it still holds a rather large place in my nerdy little heart.

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