Concert Review: Ariana Grande’s “Honeymoon” Tour

Grande sings in Austin, during her Honeymoon Tour. Photo by Joshua Guerra.
Grande sings in Austin, during her Honeymoon Tour. Photo by Joshua Guerra.

Ariana Grande amazed me, yet again, with another stellar performance at the Frank Erwin Center on Oct. 13. The first time I actually saw her was in San Antonio back in March during the first leg of her Honeymoon tour. Seeing her twice in one year, and meeting her has been a great experience. The meet-and-greet experience was well worth the money in my opinion. From getting exclusive merchandise, complimentary snacks and drinks, and then meeting Ariana, it was an amazing experience.

She started off the Tuesday night show with a 60 second countdown, before performing one of her hit songs “Bang Bang.” There were a lot of fireworks to get the night started, mainly when she sang the words bang bang. All you could hear was chants, cheers and so much yelling from the fans as she finished the song. She took a moment to take it all in before giving the crowd a huge smile, as she stood in front of what looked to be a huge LCD screen.

She played many of her hit songs including “Love Me Harder,” “One Last Time,” “Break Free,” and “The Way.” She also performed one of her earlier songs “Pink Champagne,” which had not been released on either of her albums, but was one of the first songs she recorded, intended for her debut album.

At one of the moments when Grande disappeared from the stage, the sounds of violins began the intro to her song “Best Mistake,” which features rapper Big Sean. The back screen split open, and Grande came out on a cloud singing. Throughout the song she floated up and down, never once missing a note.

In her song “Right There,” which also feature Big Sean, she came out on a golden chandelier with a golden dress to match, and a fluffy scarf around her neck. She began singing as the chandelier came out and sunk down to the stage where she got off to perform the rest of the song. Next she played her ballad “Tattooed Heart,” standing at the front of the stage, with a spotlight directly on her.

Grande at the Frank Erwin Center on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Photo by Joshua Guerra.
Grande at the Frank Erwin Center on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Photo by Joshua Guerra.

To finish off the show, she performed her song “Problem,” which features Iggy Azalea. She had on her signature “Problem” dress with the black and white tile squares, and the black go-go boots. In a huge finale, there seemed to be even more  fireworks than there was during her opener. There was also black and white confetti showering the stage. As Grande and her dancers were lowered under the stage at the end of the song, the crowd erupted with cheers, and chants.

Right after the show, Grande tweeted, “tried so hard not to cry during problem tn!! Not many shows left & it’s starting to hit us! Thank you Austin for an amazing night. I love u.”  Austin was her second to last stop for her Honeymoon Tour in the United States before she heads to different countries and one of her last few shows on the “Honeymoon” stage.

Grande is set to release her next single “Focus” on Oct. 30 and has already released the single art for it, which features her with platinum white hair. Her next tour will be in support of her next album titled “Moonlight.”

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