Review: ACL Weekend Two

With the 2015 Austin City Limits weekend two coming to an end, it was yet another great lineup from C3 Presents. The Foo Fighters headlined Friday, Oct 9. A huge black tarp with the Foo’s logo blocked the stage while it was being set. Fans were anxiously waiting as the clock neared 8pm, for the band to take stage.

 Story by Joshua Guerra

 The eager chatter of the crowd was interrupted by the sound of drums banging and Dave Grohl yelling from behind the tarp. As it fell, the Foo Fighters opened up with “All My Life.” Dave Grohl sat upon a rock n’ roll throne playing his guitar. On the back of the throne was the Foo Fighters’ logo surrounded by lights, and from the bottom sides guitar heads fanned out.

Throughout the performance, the band had two special guests come up and perform songs with them. First was Ben Kweller to sing a slow version of “Big Me.” Then towards the end of their set, they brought out Gary Clark Jr. for “What Did I Do? God as My Witness.” In the middle of their set, a fan held up a sign of Taylor Hawkins face and immediately, as Dave Grohl saw it, he began laughing and asked security to bring it to him. The fan more than happily surrendered it over to Dave Grohl to have on stage with him, where he poked a few jokes at Taylor, as it was a really old photo of him. Closing out the night, they performed some of their biggest hits, such as “Best of You,” and finally ended with “Everlong.” Being one of their last few remaining USA tour dates, the Foo Fighters definitely rocked the festival and the crowd enjoyed every single second of it.

Dave Grohl playing from his rock and roll throne at Austin City Limits weekend 2. Photo by Joshua Guerra

Dave Grohl playing from his rock and roll throne at Austin City Limits weekend 2. Photo by Joshua Guerra

Day two of ACL Weekend two, the headliner of the Saturday night was none other than Hip Hop star, Drake. He put on a stellar performance that included fireworks and a the occasional pyro explosions during his set. The lighting on stage was perfect, not only was there the typical stage lighting up top and sides, he also had two huge lighting tower like structures at each of the stage, that had about 30-50 lights on each. His set included some of his biggest hits such as, “Hold on, We’re Going Home,” “We made it,” “The Motto,” “Started From The Bottom,” “0 to 100,” “Energy,” and “Back to Back.”

During his set he told the crowd that Austin was like a second home to him, and the crowd erupted with chants and yelling. He also announced to the crowd that he just wrapped up the music video for “Hotline Bling,” which will soon be released. With his set wrapping up, he brought out a special guest, rap star J. Cole onto the stage, who performed a little mini set for the crowd.

Drake singing at ACL 2015. Photo by Joshua Guerra.

Drake singing at ACL 2015. Photo by Joshua Guerra.

Wrapping up the final night of ACL’s 2015 second weekend on the second main stage was The Weeknd. He had a tall back stage set up for his drummer, and guitar players atop the stage. When he came out the crowd shouted with yells, chanting his name, waiting for the lights to shine on his face, leaving only his silhouette as he walked out with his signature hairstyle. The Weeknd brought his incredible voice, along with pyro and fireworks to complete the show. He did his own rendition of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” which was pretty impressive. He also performed a second cover song: singing Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder,” a song which his vocals were originally featured on.  For some of the parts of the song, it was his deep voice singing Grande’s parts, yet as it went on, it went to her original voice with The Weeknd singing his original parts. He also performed some of his biggest hits such as “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” and “Wicked games.”

Sunday night headliner The Weeknd for ACL weekend 2. Photo by Josh Guerra.

Sunday night headliner The Weeknd for ACL weekend 2. Photo by Josh Guerra.

This years ACL was definitely one to remember with great acts playing throughout the weekend. Can’t wait to see what C3 Presents has in stored for fans next year.

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