POP Austin “illuminates” the city

POP Austin International Art Show returned for its second year on Oct. 23-25, this time, with the theme of “Illumination.” Co-founders Steve and Lana Carlson brought artists in Austin and from all over the world to showcase their light-based artwork. “Illumination” showcases the following artists: Adela Andea, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Bale Creek Allen, Carlo Bernadini, Claudia Meyer, Evan Voyles, Hans Kotter, James Turrell, Jeongmoon Choi, Jerome Morrison, Lili Lakich, Lisa Schulte, Lori Hersberger, Matthew LaPenta, Nonotak, Sharon Keshishian, and Todd Sanders.

The event kicked off with an opening VIP night on Thursday, Oct. 22, and three days of exhibition.

Photo gallery by Maxine Forcey

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