420 “High”lights Around The World

It’s that day again! The unanimous, unofficial holiday of pot smokers & marijuana advocates everywhere around the world: April 20th, AKA  420. The pictures, the videos, “The Dude” & of course all the 4/20 memes are splattered across social media. It got us thinking, why 420 and how does the rest of the world celebrate this high of highest days.

Photos courtesy of 420smokersclub via Facebook

According to legend…

The term 420 was allegedly coined in 1971 when a group of five students from the San Rafael High School went on a hunt for a plot of marijuana plants that was supposedly growing near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard Station. They say they met at 4:20pm outside their school to drive to the area and carry out the search many times. They never found the patch, but the numbers 420 did become a useful code for them to communicate with each other.” (www.independent.com.uk)

“High”lights from around the world that make the high life, look good.

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