Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival: Wednesday Recap

Top night! Thank you Ari Shaffir, Kurt Metzger, Raul Sanchez, Abby Rosenquist, Chris Cubas and Nick Mullen for making this an evening I won’t soon forget. First show for me on the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Fest weekend. Y’all are some dark, twisty people and I love it!

Stand out performer this evening was Abby Rosenquist. Her comedy was unexpected in the best way. I won’t spoil her set so you will just have to trust me, DON’T MISS HER! Moontower Comedy schedule here.

Abby Rosenquist

Also want to shout out to my tablemates Dan A. from Austin, TX and Dan B. from Portland, OR (the Dans Plural) for letting me ask you questions I wouldn’t end up using in this article. You rock. Since we are in agreement that, contrary to popular belief, women are, in fact, funny, I look forward to sharing a laugh or two again this weekend.

Good night Shuffle readers & stay tuned for Thursday’s recap!

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