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Game of Thrones: “The Door” Recap and Reactions

WARNING: This recap contains spoilers and a piece of my heart.

Big sigh. Big breath. I need a “Game of Thrones” aftermath hug. Wait while I play “Big girls cry” from SIA. Okay, mood set.

We are only at episode five, people. That’s right, halfway to the season six finale. Buckle in, it’s going to be a rough five weeks ahead from what we saw last night.

There were a lot of revelations this episode and lot of badass moments, but can we talk about the origin of the White Walker King? Who knew we just had to blame Leaf and her friends? In all fairness though, can we really blame them? Men can be pretty horrible. This episode reminded me of “Lord of the Rings.” This scene in particular correlates to the Ents and how they hated man for taking over the forests and all that jazz. It’s all such a vicious cycle.

Why can’t we all just get along?

One of the best arcs right now is Sansa Stark. After five seasons of being the damsel in distress, she’s learning to take charge. Not sure why she didn’t finish Littlefinger when she had the chance, but I thought it was quite powerful the way she was able to address Ramsay’s horrific actions to her. I felt like this was a shout-out to all the victims who get overlooked and are apologized too. Sansa didn’t let Littlefinger simply apologize, but made him imagine the horrible things he did to her. Go girl!

Littlefinger was able to get the last manipulating words in to Sansa: “half-brother.” Who knows how this influenced Sansa to not tell Jon the real origin of her knowledge of her uncle and his army at Riverrun. This doesn’t look good for whatever Littlefinger has in store in his plans. By the way, Sansa threw a bit of shade to Jon, when she said, “but I am a Stark.” Jon looked a little hurt or maybe pleased with his sister at stepping up.

Also…Tormund pining to ride Brienne. I’m sure he’ll get a chance to prove his worth to her and not just be the “wildling with the beard.” Don’t worry Tormund, keep giving those looks. She’ll come around.

It really irked me when Yara Greyjoy did not get the crown because she is a woman. If she had been a man, she would’ve totally won the throne. Ugh. I digress.

Euron Greyjoy went through the worst christening of a king I’ve ever seen. We’re going to drown you and hope you wake up. Then we’re going to give you the craft project crown of twigs. Thanks? Also, I’m going to build a thousand ships. We’ll be there in 10 years to conquer you, Westeros!

Unlike “The Walking Dead,” which only gave us a few minutes of intensity with no payoff, “Game of Thrones” led with guns blazing. Why Bran, why did you have to go into the scariest vision ever and get touched by the White Walker King? “You ruined everything!” One theory suggests that the Wall is magical and if Bran crosses it, White Walker King and his army can finally cross over. This would make the White Walker army not invading for the last thousand years (or last five seasons) make sense.

Bran is still in the past as young Wylis AKA Hodor drops to the floor as Meera calls in distress in the present, “Hold the door, Hodor!” He managed to infiltrate the past.  What is even more heartbreaking is Bran knowing that Hodor knew his fate all along and that he caused his condition.

Watching Hodor, hold the door, was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire season. He was loyal and a good protector to Bran. Ned would’ve been proud and grateful.  A beloved character on “Game of Thrones” met his end last night in the most heroic of ways. Who knew with only one word throughout the series, we would feel so much for a character. Hodor, you will be missed and I hope your sacrifice will not be in vain! Great job Kristian Nairn as Hodor! May your Rave of Thrones live on!

Until next week Shufflers. Stay strong!

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