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Sharing the Struggle: What If? Or Maybe No Regrets Update

This article is a response from Tortured in Tokyo (AKA “TNT”) from Sharing the Struggle: What If? Or Maybe No Regrets!  

Hello June! Thank you for your helpful advice from two weeks ago regarding my workplace crush. I spoke to several good friends as well about my situation, and after reading your advice, I went for it. I realized that I would regret not telling my friend how I felt.

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I met up with him for coffee and I told him. In the midst of freaking out in my head, I had forgotten how easy it was to talk to him. He took it very well! He was flattered and he still wants to be friends. I realized that we’re both grown-ass adults and it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. I immediately felt like this weight was lifted off my shoulders. We kept on talking over coffee. All is well. Thanks again, June.

-(Formerly) Tortured in Tokyo

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