UK band Everywhere tours this summer

Everywhere is an alternative rock band based in London, UK.


The band formed in 2012, with Swedish lead singer Max Berga, emailing his bedroom demos to a large number of producers around the world.  Mark Needham, known for his work with The Killers and Imagine Dragons, offered the band to fly in for some recording sessions. The trip turned out to be the start of ‘Everywhere.’ The name of the band was inspired by the quote “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” by former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown.

The band members are Max Berga (lead vocals), Joe Sanders (bass), Joe Bates (keys), Boris Braun (drums), and Hugo Hadji (guitar).

We had the chance to interview the band via email before they head on tour on June 24.

For each band member: Please explain how you got started with the band.

Max: I sent out my bedroom demos to a bunch of producers around the world, and after two weeks I received a call from American producer Mark Needham. He asked if I wanted to bring my band to Los Angeles to record some tracks. I was overwhelmed by the proposal and agreed on the spot only to realize once we had hung up that I yet had no band members. I then logged on to a website called “Bandfinder” and put an ad up explaining that I was looking for players to follow to Los Angeles to make the recordings. The guys replied to it and here we are.

What is the inspiration behind “Some Other Dude”? A specific event? A break-up? That’’s some snazzy cover art, what’’s behind it?


Max: As a general rule, we don’t regret much, but the things we DO regret are the things we never did.

Boris: It could be a brief encounter on a dance floor, when we felt the connection to someone, but never went for it. Or perhaps it could be that ex lover we never allowed ourselves to fully embrace until it was too late.

Max: Yeah, this song is about those moments and the importance to act on them before they slip away. The record cover is a collage of all the band members, you can see them but you don’t get the full picture. There is a certain vagueness to it that relates to the title of the song, ”Some Other Dude”. The idea with the cover was to portray this without being too explicit.

What was it like working with Mark Needham?

Max: It was a blast working with him! He is a old school kind of producer. He had a very laid back style and allowed us to do our thing instead of trying to enforce a certain sound or idea upon us. Another the thing that struck us was how fast he worked. Calling him a “Sonic Acrobat” would probably be an understatement.

Any juicy details about the album release this September?

Joe (bass) : The record cover will entail us, without our clothes on! No, jokes aside, we will host an amazing release party in London that will include a number of secret guests. Weather we will still be dressed by the end of the night remains to be seen!

Max: Spoiler Alert: we won’t!

How do you feel about your upcoming UK tour? What are you looking forward to most? What can we (fans) expect or get excited about?

Max: We are thrilled to finally get out on the road and meet the fans. We have a number of great gigs coming up but the one gig we are really looking forward to play is Bleach in Brighton with Fragile Creatures. That one should be a true highlight! The fans can expect a great show and nothing else!

Boris: There will be a lot to be excited about.

How would you describe your sound?

Joe (bass): We would describe it as a mix between The 1975, The Wombats and The Killers. Huge sing along choruses and tight riffs with an 80’s edge.

Which bands and/or singer-songwriters inspire you?

Max: There are many bands that have inspired us, usually the older ones, Haircut 100, Prefab Sprout and The Cars to name a few. But also more recent outfits such as Kings Of Leon, The 1975 and The Royal Concept have really made a dent in our sound.

Where else have you toured? Which was your favorite? Where else would you like to tour around the world?

Max: We have done a few tours in Sweden, which is where I’m from. The Swedes are modest by nature but usually get pretty wild after a few beers so it was certainly a blast at times. We would love to get a chance to tour over in the US.

We think you should come to Austin, TX for South By Southwest next March. 😉 Not a question but we’d love to see you in the states.

Boris: That’’s not at all impossible! Would love to meet you guys.

Max: Thank you so much for letting us do this interview!

If you’re planning a trip to the UK, check them out on tour. More ticket info here. Following the release of critically praised single “Shades At Night” UK Alt Rock band ‘Everywhere’ have announced new track “Some Other Dude” available on all digital providers July 29.

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