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NYX Matte Lip Creams Review, YAY or NAY?!

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Review by Abby Cota

I want to share a great find in the lipstick department I stumbled upon! Like many of you, I’ve spent hours—yes, hours—at Sephora looking for the perfect lipstick only to finally find the one and realize it’s way too expensive. I mean, really, who wants to pay $37 for a lipstick? So, in lieu of spending so much on one lipstick, I decided to check out the NYX products at H-E-B.

These lip creams are not only amazing in quality but also in price at only $5.99. I bought four different colors (Morocco – coral, Prague – fuscia, Copenhagen – ox blood/deep burgundy and London – nude).


I’ve been wearing these lip creams for the past several weeks because they’re just that good. The color stays on for hours—I’m dead serious! I’ve had full-blown meals, snacks, and drinks and the lip stain is still there, intact as if I had just applied it.


Now, I know I’m raving about these lip creams but let’s be real: just like everything in this world, they too have their flaws. The one thing I didn’t like about NYX Lip Creams was that they leave your lips very dry. This caused the lip stain to “crinkle” my lips, which made them look like a raisin – NOT CUTE!


Luckily, this problem had a very quick and easy solution. I started applying Vitamin E oil or coconut oil before applying the lip stain. Boom! Problem solved. I think having to go through this one small extra step is definitely worth it.

Check NYX lip creams out guys, they’re great!

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    1. I agree on the sentiment about the Nyx liquid suedes! They are definitely SOO much better than the lip creams in my opinion. I have several shades in the liquid suedes.

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