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Game of Thrones: “The Winds of Winter” recap

Warning: spoilers ahead! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This will be our final recap until April 2017. It’s a bittersweet moment. However, the season six finale, “The Winds of Winter,” left us with much to look forward to next season. The “Game of Thrones” gods delivered the goods and it was more than we could’ve hoped for!

First off, who rules the world?! Westeros girls rule the world! Let’s just give a round of applause for the badass women of “Game of Thrones.” The series has come a long way on the portrayal of women and this episode solidified the power and reign that is to come with Cersei, Dany, Sansa, Arya, Lady Mormont and Yara Greyjoy.

Recap by Catherine Gutierrez and ChinLin Pan

Cersei “badass brotherfucker” Lannister

I didn’t know how she was going to get out of the predicament of standing trial without her trusty Mountain to battle for her. Her solution: Wildfire. Heaps of barrels of wildfire left by the Mad King! How did we not see this coming? Poor Margaery. She knew Cersei was up to something when she and King Tommen weren’t present for the trial.

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Did the High Sparrow underestimate the resilience of Cersei? Bad move, Sparrow. Unfortunately, this meant that Margaery, Loras, and many other nobles were extinguished by Cersei’s vengeance. The victim in all this, Tommen—Cersei’s last bit of humanity—couldn’t take this atrocity and ended his own life.

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In our previous recap, we mentioned how we would look forward to seeing Cersei’s revenge on the nun. Oh boy, did she keep her word. Shame.

The witch’s prediction (from the season five premiere) that all three of Cersei’s children would die and she would become Queen makes sense now! She meant Cersei would become the actual queen of Westeros. Not queen to a king, like she was with Robert Baratheon. Jamie killed the Mad King because he was going to burn everyone. How is it going to feel now that Cersei has crossed that line he based his reputation on? What does this mean for their relationship?!

Can we also just comment on Cersei’s badass wardrobe? I am a bit disappointed that Cersei stole Dany’s thunder of becoming the first queen of Westeros. Now it’s going to be Battle of the Badass Bitches of the realm!

Arya and The Freys

When we last saw Arya, she was on her way back to Westeros and boy did her return feel good. Under a guise (of course, who would’ve expected less?) of a server, Arya seizes her chance to cross off another name on her list: WALDER FUCKING FREY. We’ve been waiting for this since the Red Wedding, and it was so satisfying. Arya is the badass assassin we always knew she could be, but at what cost? Would Ned and Jon approve? Regardless, it’s nice to know that the stretched out storyline was not in vain.


Sansa is no longer the timid child we once knew. She’s grown up and, like many of the Stark children, has been through some horrible situations. We don’t blame her for being hesitant in accepting her half-brother, Jon wholeheartedly, because she knows all too well how her father ended up. However, we hope that Jon has convinced her that family is what is important and that they have each other to lean on.

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Littlefinger thought he had Sansa in his grasp after saving them from Ramsay Bolton, but he was mistaken. Sansa knows better than to trust Littlefinger and used him well in getting him to come and battle for her. She’s done being a pawn, and we hope that she destroys Littlefinger before he sets another trap.

The true origin of Jon Snow

Bran was present in the episode to deliver what we’ve been waiting for all season. Who’s in the Tower of Joy? Baby Jon? We saw a young Ned with his sister Lyanna who bled out after giving birth. She made him promise to protect her child. We still don’t know whether Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna or if they ran away together. Perhaps, this will be explored in season seven, since if Lyanna and Rhaegar ran off and eloped, this would make Jon’s claim to the throne contest Daenerys or join her.

While fans speculated the “R + L = J” theory all season and it was true, there are still many questions. But it was a chilling moment to go from baby Jon in Ned’s arms to present-day Jon at Winterfell sitting at the head of the table.

Also, let’s give a shout-out to Lady Mormont. Once again, she stole the show holding her own against the brave men of the North and put them all to shame. She is such a gem to watch and she commands attention. She rallies the houses in support of Jon and a moment we never thought we’d see was upon us: Jon Snow, the proclaimed King of the North.

Ellaria and the Sand Snakes

Back in Dorne, Lady Olenna sits with Ellaria and her daughters the Sand Snakes—remember, they killed the King and Prince of Dorne. Ellaria recommends they team up against Cersei and, to win Olenna over, Ellaria summons Varys! Together, they stand behind Daenerys.

Daenerys and co.

Daenerys has been stuck on the other side of the world for six seasons and is finally setting sail to Westeros.

One of the most touching scenes was Dany appointing Tyrion “Hand of the Queen.” Tyrion has always been looked down on, but he’s finally found a rightful place beside Dany. He’s respected, listened to and will probably be the key in defeating his sister, Cersei. The Targaryen sails, the dragons flying overhead and Dany looking out to the horizon. What better way to end the season!

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Also, a big shout out to the musical score. It was fantastic in evoking everything we needed it to.

Season six was one of the best in the “Game of Thrones” series, if not the best and we have two more seasons to look forward to! Let the ten month countdown begin.

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