4 Places to visit in Turkey

Abby Cota and her husband Giray Gunes traveled to Turkey and are currently in Morocco. They are contributing and sharing their adventures on Shuffle Online on Snapchat @ShuffleOnline. Here’s a look at Istanbul, Turkey. 

Photos by Abby Cota and Giray Gunes


Istanbul is an amazing city to explore and visit. During our brief stay in Istanbul, Turkey, we visited two of my favorite areas, Karaköy and Galata. These parts of Istanbul are awesome, because of the cool cafes and amazing street art you see everywhere. You can find the most unique shops, restaurants and cafes here. I like to think this is where all the “cool” kids hang out.

Butterfly Valley

On route to Kelebekler Vadisi, otherwise known as Butterfly Valley, is where people usually go for a day trip to hike the cliffs, which can be up to 350 meters high. Or people go camp in tents for a few days on the beach. The reason they call it Butterfly Valley is because once you start hiking up the cliffs, there are tons of small beautiful butterflies. There are more than 80 different species in this valley.

Ölüdeniz, Turkey

 This beautiful beach is located about 20-30 minutes from Fethiye by bus and is connected to the Dead Sea.

Caves on the way to Kabak Koyu

The water in this particular area is much cooler and a very different color than the beach in Ölüdeniz. The boat driver we met said there is water from a spring in the mountain that drips into this cave, which is one of the reasons the water is chiller.

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