5 Creative Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in a week and we get it: the holiday’s been over-commercialized and most people feel pressured to do something over the top. Why not try something different this year and opt out of buying the overpriced candy and flowers? We have five alternate things you can do for your significant other to celebrate.

Picnic at the park


Instead of going through the hassle of picking out the “perfect” restaurant to go to and making reservations on this romantic holiday, opt for a lunch at the park. Cook your food together, box it up in a basket or containers, and head over a nice romantic spot outdoors. Hassle-free and you get the privacy you want!

DIY Valentine’s Day card

Image credit: Pinterest
Image credit: Pinterest

If you’re not crafty, don’t fear DIY cards. Why spend $4-$6 on a store-bought card when you can put together something a little more special. Recycle some paper and get creative with what’s lying around the house. Your significant other will appreciate you saving the environment and also creating something one-of-a-kind!

Get a succulent instead of a bouquet of roses


Why spend so much money on a bouquet of roses which you know is going to die at some point? Getting roses, or any type of flower your significant other likes, is a nice and traditional gesture, but it’s also cliched and overdone. Try something new like buying a succulent instead. They’re cute additions for a work or home desk and they last much longer. Succulents come in various forms and shapes so you can find something unique!

A surprise dinner

Home-made cheese plate by Victor Gutierrez
Home-made cheese plate by Victor Gutierrez

If you have the cooking skills, opt for surprising your significant other with a home-cooked dinner! If you do not, don’t fret—you can always order take-out from their favorite restaurant. Set up your dinner accordingly to however you like. A night in is just as fun as a night out.

Go see a movie at the park or a drive-in

Photo credit: Catherine Gonzales
Photo credit: Catherine Gutierrez

Watching a movie is a simple way to get cozy and cuddle together. However, it’s Valentine’s Day, so spice it up by heading to a movie at a park or drive-in. If there isn’t one happening on Valentine’s Day, check your local areas for some springtime events, make a date-night voucher to gift to your significant other for a rain check when there’s one available! This is a great way to cozy up and get some intimate time and avoid strangers in a theatre!


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