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Babes Fest ’17 Music Photo Gallery

Babes Fest ’17 was held July 27 – 30 and produced by #bossbabesATX. #bossbabesATX is a nonprofit event series and collective that develop programming (meet-ups, seminars, markets, festivals and other pop-up events) to promote and connect self-identifying women in creative industry and the arts, because they find stats like these concerning.

We attended the music night of the fest which was also the closing night and we were not disappointed. Talk about a diverse set of musical performances that had us going from the outdoor to indoor stage to not miss a moment! Take a peak at the photo gallery featuring all the performers by stage.

Photos by Abby Cota and Catherine Gutierrez

Outdoor Stage

Darja / SIGNY / Polly Anna / The Reputations / Francine Thirteen / Femina-X / Sailor Poon

Indoor Stage

Amea / Triplets / Anastasia / Mélat / Alesia Lani / Magna Carda / Sam Lao / Chulita Vinyl Club

You can learn more about Babes Fest here

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