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2017 River Revival Music Festival: Photo Gallery

We had so much fun at the 2017 River Revival Music Festival. The festival hosted around 500 campers and musicians for a weekend filled with music, outdoors, great food and more at KL Ranch Camp located in New Braunfels, Texas. Photos can’t really do the festival justice, but you’ll definitely want to catch next year’s fest after looking at all the fun! Until then you can listen to all the great music on the official 2017 River Revival Spotify playlist here!

Want to know more about the origins of the festival? We had the chance to opportunity founder of Splice Records and River Revival, Shaun Brennan. You can find it here.  Splice Records also hosts BowiElvis fest that honors two of the greats of rock n’ roll who happen to have shared the same birthday, January 8! You can learn more about BowiElvis Fest and Splice Records here


  1. One of the best river trips I have ever been on, and hands down THE BEST MUSIC EVENT! Between the beautiful spot on the river, good food, great music, and Saint Arnolds beer it was one hell of a party!

  2. I came for my second year, and it was everything I wanted it to be! I reconnected with some of last year’s group, met new friends, and had a Stellar time! Hats off to Shaun and Splice records! I’ll be back next year!
    P.S. The fire dancers were EPIC!

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