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Austin Film Festival 2017: Jennifer Morrison chats about her Directorial debut, “Sun Dogs”

Jennifer Morrison directs and co-stars in this 2017 comedy-drama, “Sun Dogs” that follows an unlikely pair on their misadventures. The failed Marine and his partner, a young runaway portrayed by Melissa Benoist, work together to track a group of men they mistake for terrorists. “Sun Dogs” also features Allison Janney, who no doubt brings plenty of comedy to the mix and Ed O’Neill.

We asked her about filming the last episode of “Once Upon A Time” and the experience of directing her first feature film.

You can still catch “Sun Dogs” on Wednesday, November 1 at 10:00 PM at the Hideout Theatre. You can visit the Austin Film Festival website here for ticket information. 

Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and reviews from the 2017 Austin Film Festival. 

Featured photo credit: Arnold Wells

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