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Multilingual Folk and Soul Band Ley Line celebrate their new single Respiração at Radio Coffee

Ley Line is an all female multilingual folk and soul band from Austin, Texas, influenced by music from North and South America. Band members include Kate Robberson, Madeleine Froncek, and Emilie Basez, and Lydia Froncek.  Why do they  call themselves “Ley Line”? Ley Lines refer to a sacred geometric pattern that overlays the Earth marking places of geographic importance and wonder (the Pyramids, fault lines, Bermuda Triangle). These high-energy points are referenced in various cultures: the “spirit ways” of the Incas, “dragon currents” in Fung shui, and Aboriginal “song lines” or “dream tracks”.  Their experimental international folk style is inspired by curiosity around American folk and world folklore, drawing from experiences abroad and at home. ​ They released their debut album “Field Notes” in 2016 and have released a new single titled Respiração.  Take a listen below! 

Ley Line will be performing at Radio Coffee & Beer on November 30 at 9 PM. You can find more information here. We will be chatting with the band so stay tuned for our full interview! 

Featured image courtesy of Ley Line | Photo by Nohemi Rodriguez

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