New Year, New You: Don’t make Resolutions, Make Commitments

This is the first installment of our January blog series ‘New Year, New You.’ Every Monday in January you’ll find a new article relating to resolutions, goals and tips on how to get your year started off right! 

Our first installment comes from guest blogger Erica Vargas. She is a Purpose and Relationship Coach and focuses on supporting women to live a life free of their constraints and full of self-love, joy and abundance. She has been coaching for over 5 years, co-founded The B Hive, a community for women to socially connect in their personal and business life, and hosts the podcast “In Search of Good Men.”

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I do not make New Year’s Resolutions. This does not mean I am against them. I personally just don’t make them. I love the idea of a new year, a new you. I love the idea of dreaming about everything I am going to accomplish in the next year! I just find that to truly create results is to ALWAYS be growing and setting new finish lines. When we only choose one time of year to start our transformation, once we fail, we tell ourselves to try again next year. You know what I mean: You go to the gym for 2 weeks, you check out a few websites about going to grad school, you Google a few travel sites to finally take that trip to Europe. A year goes by and you haven’t lost that 15 pounds, you’re in the same job and haven’t seen the inside of an airplane alllll year.

So, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m going to share with you the 5 best ways to create intentions that will keep you committed to growth and expansion, year-round.

Don’t create small goals.

What is a small goal? Anything that is temporary. Losing 15 pounds, traveling more, organizing the garage. For real change, you need to envision BIG SCARY transformational life choices. I will change the way I eat to nourish my body, I will make connections all over the world that allows for me to travel easily with friends, I will create a process of being more organized so that life flows easily. When we create small goals, we can either hit the goal and then backslide or fail and try again next year but when we choose to commit to life changes this causes us to continue our growth and evolve to new levels.

Figure out your “why” and make sure you feel it in your heart.

Your “why” is your motivation to truly change your life and move toward your full potential. Your “why” should be so deep in your soul that when you figure it out, you feel it in your heart. For example, losing 15 lbs to fit into a dress is not a heartfelt “why;” changing the way you decide on what goes into your body because you are learning to practice self-love is a “why” you can feel in your heart.

Reflect and re-create.

Reflect on how you have or have not committed to your “resolutions” in the past. What have you done well? In what areas are there opportunities? How will you recreate your vision for your life after seeing where you have been and where you want to go? Last year, I wanted to travel but I put attracting financial stability as a priority. I did a good job of saving money but didn’t get on a plane. This year I am going to meet one new person in each place I would like to visit; I am going to buy the ticket and change my budget to include travel. I am recreating my story from traveling someday to traveling next month. By reflecting, you can re-write your story around your results and the more creative ideas will come into fruition on how to attract the life you desire.

Envision what it would be like to live your heartfelt life.

Make a list of all the New Year’s resolutions you would normally make and now imagine what life would be like if you checked off 3 of these items. How do you feel? Are you happier? How did you make these changes and stay committed to them? Why is this feeling important to you? Envisioning your life already in sync with what you desires creates a memory in your body that you can tap into when you become discouraged and it will keep you motivated.

Ask for help and tell people.

Any time you are looking to make changes in your life, you need accountability. The more people you tell about the new choices you are making, the more support you will have to keep you motivated. Asking for help is the best way to to truly be able to see many perspectives and see change happen quicker. You can get help from books, workshops, coaches, best friend, mom, neighbor – I can keep going on but the important thing to remember is everyone wants to be part of someone’s success story. Ask for help.

The honest truth is whether you called them resolutions or intentions, life changes or goals, you have to start somewhere. These five steps are a good way to get clear and motivated to live a life of joy and fulfillment. This year don’t make a list, make a commitment and watch your life transform.

You can connect with Erica on Facebook, Instagram, or via her e-mail. You can learn more about The B Hive here and listen to the “In Search of Good Men” podcast here

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