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Rock out at the 9th annual BowiElvis Fest at the Continental Club

It’s that time of the year again! Are you ready to celebrate the birthdays of two music legends, David Bowie and Elvis Presley?! Splice Records TX and Saint Arnold Brewing Company present the 9th Annual BowiElvis Fest. This is a festival held in Houston and for the second time in Austin that will be held at The Continental Club on January 12. BowiElvis Fest caters to multiple generations of music lovers and music fans who are into the evolution of rock n’ roll.

Doors open at 9 PM and festivities include an “Oh You Pretty Things” costume/fashion contest, which encourages all to come out in your best costumes. There will be themed games, themed food, Bowie Face painting and an appearance by Houston’s heralded burlesque troupe, the Dem Damn Dames.

How did this all begin? It began with Hank Schyma of Houston band Southern Backtones, who commemorated Elvis’s birthday each year at local venue AvantGarden. “What started as a tribute to Elvis has morphed into a really cool tradition here in Houston and I am so proud of how much BowiElvis Fest has grown,” stated Schyma. “The immensely talented acts that are slated to play honor these icons in their own unique way and the fans always show up in their best costumes to pay tribute to these musical geniuses. With Splice Records and Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company presenting each year’s festivities, the potential of Bowie Elvis Fest only multiplies as new audiences are reached.”

Local comedian John Mills-McCoin will be serving as Master of Ceremonies, and the live music lineup includes Nakia and the Blues Grifters, Pecos Hank Schyma and the John Evans Band.

“To be involved in an event that celebrates the shared birthdays of two rock and roll icons is an honor for me in so many ways,” stated Shaun Brennan, co-founder of Splice Records. “When you have great music, a setting like Continental Club, and you are working with the amazing people at Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company and our other supporting sponsors, the table is set for an amazing night. this year’s event was one of the best nights of my life and it got really weird, but in a fantastic way. As a label, we at Splice Records always look forward to the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than us; the spirit in the air will be unmatched.”

If you’re not familiar with Splice Records and their shindigs, then you’re in for a treat! Grab your tickets now and do it here because you won’t want to miss it! We attended Splice’s River Revival festival in September that still has us talking about it to anyone who will listen. If you want to know what I’m talking about check out our recap here.  See you there! 

You can check out some video from Pecos Hank from last year’s event below. 

If you want to get hyped for the show you can listen to the BowiElvis Fest Spotify Playlist here

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