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Recap: 9th annual BowiElvis Fest Celebrates Two Music Legends

The 9th annual BowiElvis Fest rocked The Continental Club on Friday, January 12. This is a festival held in Houston and for the second time in Austin. The event is hosted by Splice Records and Saint Arnolds Brewing Company. Here’s a breakdown of all the fun we had that will make you want to add this to your Austin bucket list next year!

We arrived to the event and immediately had to get our David Bowie iconic face make-up applied to get into the spirit! It was quick and easy and looked great.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company was one of the sponsors of the event and we enjoyed drinking their beer!

The music line-up included Pecos Hank, the John Evans band and Nakia and the Blues Grifters closing out the night. There was plenty of Bowie and Elvis covers along with their own music that really captured the spirit of the two rock legends. Houston’s heralded burlesque troupe, the Dem Damn Dames also took the stage and performed to some Elvis and Bowie.

The “Oh You Pretty Things” costume/fashion contest did not disappoint. The winners were Elvis and Priscilla Presley!

Overall the BowiElvis fest did an amazing job at honoring and celebrating the spirits and music of David Bowie and Elvis Presley. They may be gone, but fests like BowiElvis fest keep them alive and hopefully bring their music to new generations with this event.

To learn more about Splice Records and upcoming events visit their website


  1. 1st time @ Continental Club in Austin. Great Venue, Great Show. Bowie Elvis Fest Houston & Austin are definitely on my calender for life!✌❤🎶🎸🍻

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