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New Year, New You: 5 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is the second installment of our January blog series ‘New Year, New You.’ You’ll find a new article relating to resolutions, goals and tips on how to get your year started off right in January! 

It’s that time of year again where we all make resolutions to be different in the new year. Date more, get involved in the community, and the ever popular “lose a few pounds”. Every year promises are made and every year promises are broken. It doesn’t have to be that way this time. It is natural to fall into a rhythm in life where you feel comfortable. When days are predictable, our lives are easier. However, the easy road isn’t always the right road.
It’s time to shake things up in all areas of your life and expect more out of your day to day. Get out of your comfort zone and make the changes you wish to make in just five simple ways.

Let your friends fix you up.

So far, you have been in control of your love life. How is that working out for you? If it’s great, skip to the next section because this part isn’t for you. For years we have been inundated with so many choices thanks to sites like Tinder that it is easy to become overwhelmed and disillusioned.
Let the people that know you best set you up on a date. They know you better than anyone else and letting them fix you up will save a lot of time. How exhausting is it to do your hair and makeup, spend hours shopping for an outfit, only to find out that the Tinder dude just isn’t a good fit for you. Take a leap of faith because who knows, it could be love.

Learn a new skill

One of the best things I ever did when I lived on my own was buy a power drill and put in the work to learn how to use it. Of course it was intimidating at first but I knew that I could only count on myself if something went wrong in my house. Now I own several power tools and enjoy building and fixing things myself. I’m even handier than my boyfriend and I have to admit, I love that. Want to learn to sew? Craftsy has a variety of online classes. Want to plant a garden AND keep it alive this time? Check out The Natural Gardener for tips and tutorials. Not quite the chef you wish you were? HomeChef, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron can turn that around for you without you having to leave your house.

Join a Local Team

If there is anything I miss from high school it would be being part of a team. Hanging out with friends, staying active, hitting and exceeding personal bests. This was the stuff dreams are made of! Working hard and winning together is a feeling that we so rarely get as adults. Here in Austin, TX there is an organization called the Austin Sports and Social Club. They have leagues you can join all year round. You can play basketball, kickball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. It also helps that after the game there is usually a post game party at a local watering hole. Win, win, WIN. Find your own local club and join!

Take on More Responsibility

When you are in a position for a long time you start to go on autopilot and feel comforted by the routine. This is fine if you have reached the highest level you wish to at work. If you would like to move up however, you are going to have to show some initiative and take on more responsibility to stand out from the pack. Talk to your immediate superior and let them know that you would like to take on more at work and to keep you in mind the next time a project comes up they may need assistance with. As simple as that sounds, it is surprising how rare it is to have an associate say this.


For goodness sake, stop limiting your volunteerism to the holiday season. You are needed in your community all year round. Figure out what you are most passionate about and find a way to volunteer your time to support efforts in that field. If you have an hour to play Candy Crush, you have an hour to give back to your community. Interested in helping the homeless? Mobile Loaves and Fishes work to feed the hungry in Austin. Do you have a passion for spreading health and wellness to kids and parents at your local school? Common Threads is always in need of volunteers for their programs and is nation wide. There is much to do, now get started!

My last bit of advice….
Tackle your goals one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed with the number of changes you hope to make. Master one change before starting on another one. Surround yourself with people who support you and don’t allow negativity to pull you back into your comfort zone. Best of luck!

Best of Luck,

What changes have you made this year? Let us know in the comments below! 

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