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SXSW 2018: “Westworld” Experience

SXSW 2018 is known for interactive experiences and it didn’t stop this year. I was able to visit the Delos park in “Westworld” and interact with the hosts themselves. How cool is that?  When I arrived at the Delos station, we were guided up the stairs to the rooftop where we waited with drinks and snacks. We picked up our black our white hats and got ready for our journey to HBO’s “Westworld” experience. To say that this experience was unique, is an understatement. It was more than I imagined could be done, but SXSW has a way of bringing those one-of-a-kind experiences to light.

Here are some highlights from my “Westworld” experience.

I waited patiently to receive my black hat and enjoy the wait at Delos station. 

We received our tokens for drinks at the famed Mariposa bar and brothel where we made a pit stop.

I was in luck when I arrived in Sweetwater. I needed a touch up to my beard and was treated to a nice shave while in town. 

I enjoyed the highlights the park had to offer. It was a great SXSW 2018 experience and I can’t wait for “Westworld” Season 2 on HBO.

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