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SXSW 2018: Tank and the Bangas, Amy Shark, Wallows, and Beach Slang

If you’ve been following our SXSW adventures, you likely know that one of our favorite shows from SXSW was Dashboard Confessional. Check out our full recap here.  What we haven’t talked about yet though, were the amazing bands that opened up for him at the Pandora House on Thursday, March 15.

Tank and the Bangas

The night began with the one and only Tank and the Bangas whose soulful and jazzy hip-hop tunes had us jumping from the get-go. We couldn’t get enough of unique, New Orleans sound that set us off on an energetic foot for the rest of the night.

Amy Shark

Australian native Amy Shark was soon to follow with her indie pop tracks and smile that made the whole crowd fall in love with her. She was confident yet humble, especially when she prefaced her song “Worst Girl” by telling a short yet impactful story: “An ex once told me, you know, you’re not perfect, Amy. I was shocked. Me? Not perfect? I had to take a long look in the mirror, and then wrote this song.” Her relatable storytelling had us all feeling every emotion poured into her music.


Next up was Wallows who surprised us for several reasons, firstly being that Dylan Minnette from 13 Reasons Why was in… say what?! Yeah. That was our reaction.  Minnette stood next to co-members Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters who put on a fantastic show with their alternative jams that had us thinking of the breezy west coast. We particularly love their newest single, “These Days.”

Beach Slang

Beach Slang was the final opening act and was there to “punch us in the heart,” according to lead singer James Alex. Alex shook the crowd with his punk rock tracks and quirky stage presence that had us laughing. It was the perfect kind of music to wake us up during the final hours of this late night show.

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