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2018 Old Settler’s Music Festival: Billy Strings Connects with the Crowds

Bluegrass artist and prodigy Billy Strings performed at Old Settler’s Music Festival held April 19-22 at the festival’s new location and campground. Currently on tour all around the country, Billy and his band made a stop in good ole’ Tilmon, Texas to grace us with their guitar-pickin’, Americana tunes that make it impossible for listeners to keep their feet still.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

Having a father also in the bluegrass scene and a mother whose water broke during a string-picking jam session, Billy has music running through the blood in his veins. We got the opportunity to chat with Billy this week (interview here!) and learned all about how his father spark his passion for music and how he is still a big influence in his music career.  From Michigan and now residing in Nashville, Billy is only 25 but has already made a huge debut in the world of bluegrass and country rock music.

The full band features William Apostol (Billy Strings), Billy Failing, Royal Masat (a fellow Texan), and Jarrod Walker. In our recent interview, Billy continually expressed his appreciation for his band members who have been with him during the whole duration of his tour, “racing up and down the country” – Billy wouldn’t be the same without these guys by his side that have essentially become family to him.

We made it to day three just in time to catch Billy’s phenomenal set full of dancing and smiles. Though it would soon downpour, we were lucky to have bright, bubble-filled skies instead of rain – yes, you read correctly – BUBBLES. 👇 (watch all the way through 🤠 )


Billy String’s set included favorites such as “Meet Me at the Creek,” one of many songs from his newest album “Turmoil & Tinfoil” that was released this past September. The four-piece band performed with such spirit, warmth, and sincerity; it felt as if they were singing directly to each and every person in the crowd, a feeling Billy said he always strives to ignite during his shows. “It’s easy to just go up there and close my eyes and play the songs and be up there for an hour and a half. But then you don’t reach the people if you’re just going through the motions, you don’t reach anybody.”


Billy certainly reached all of us and had us hooked with his adorable smile and shiny locks of hair blowing in the wind. Check out some of our photo snaps we captured during Billy Strings’ set below!

For information on Billy String’s full summer tour dates, visit here. Be sure to check out our other music interviews, recaps and more here!

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