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Austin’s Sun June Returns Home

In the midst of a tour from coast to coast, indie pop band Sun June returned to their hometown of Austin, Texas, to perform at the Mohawk on July 8. Following Caroline Says and opening for Bellows, Sun June’s set left us feeling airy and chilled after another blazing hot Texas weekend.

Sun June
Photo by Leigh Kettle

Self-titled as creators of “regret pop,” Sun June is a quaint quintet from our own beloved Austin. Featuring lead singer Laura Colwell, guitarist Stephen Salisbury, bassist Justin Harris, guitarist Michael Bain, and drummer Sarah Schultz, this emotive band delivers harmonies that will leave you feeling comforted, warmed, and longing for more.

The band recently released their debut LP album “Years” on June 15, a mystic yet simple collection of songs that are relatable and heartening, nostalgic and carefree. Between Colwell’s dreamy, gentle voice and the band’s captivating riffs and melodies, Sun June is the type of band that will immediately seize your attention upon first listen.

One song in particular on the album, “Young,” has quickly become one of my top ten songs of the summer, a bittersweet and upbeat anthem that will both make your feet move and your heart groove from its lyrics and infectious rhythm.

Their show at Mohawk was better than I could have expected and blew by far too fast. The whole band vibed so well together on stage, so effortlessly and naturally as if they’d know each other their whole entire lives. Fluid and enchanting, Sun June’s performance left the crowd forgetting the next day would be Monday and they delivered the best last moments of the weekend.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Sun June’s album “Years” and take a look at their tour calendar to see if you can catch a show before they head out to Europe in the fall.

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