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“The Originals” Ep.5.11: “Til the Day I Die”

We have two episodes of “The Originals” left in this final season and I’m sure they’ll both be pretty jam-packed. Which is why this episode is mostly a nice breath of fresh air. We’ve got some flashbacks and a wedding and not a lot more. It’s a really nice breather before what’s sure to be two overstuffed episodes to close out the series.

“Til the Day I Die” opens with some quick shots of the cast: Marcel drinking in Rousseau’s alone and Klaus and Elijah making awkward eye contact before we cut to Freya and Keelin in bed talking about how happy they are despite all the pain and death of the last few weeks. They decide to get married that day instead of waiting anymore. My first thought at this decision was that Caroline needed to be there, but alas she was not.

The Originals
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Hope is in the cemetery fussing with the memorial to the priest she accidentally killed when Klaus finds her. It turns out killing all those Nazi’s only suppressed the Hollow whispers for about a day or so because the veins are back on her arm and they’re worse than before, they’ve also spread to her neck. They talk a little about her transformation and she’s not sure if she’s worried about the actual change or if she just wants to get it over with and never turn back again. Klaus offers to help her, but she just wants to be alone so he leaves.

Elijah is doing what he does best: rummaging through trunks of old shit. Freya comes to ask him if he’ll walk her down the aisle. He shuts her down cold and she runs away while he gets sucked into a memory of about five years ago in Manosque. He finishes up a song at the piano and goes to the bar where Hayley, going by Andrea, is drinking a glass of wine. They seem immediately drawn to each other and he invites her to go to an art show down the street with him because he promised Antoinette he’d go while she’s out of town. Hayley declines but you know she’ll end up going.

Back in the present Klaus goes to see Kol and Davina to see what she might be able to do to help Hope. She agrees to help and goes to the cemetery to see Hope crying over the memorial for the priest. She collects Hope’s tears to investigate. At the same time Vincent is also being a total chump and telling Freya he can’t be best man at her wedding because he’s leaving town after Ivy’s death. Honestly, these people are so ridiculous. Yes, I understand that they’ve had some sadness recently but what better way to put that behind you than a celebration of happiness like a wedding? Anyway, Freya’s really getting dumped on this episode.

At Rousseau’s Marcel is still drinking his grief away and Declan is there now. He ends up spilling the beans that he knows all about vampires and everything. Look, if Declan had found out about everything as soon as Hayley went missing then this plotline would have been a fine, not great, addition to the season. However, with only two episodes left I couldn’t give less of a shit what Declan thinks about everything going on in New Orleans. He accuses Marcel of running the town like a fascist and so Declan wants to make a human faction so that the humans have a voice in the supernatural management of New Orleans. Marcel tries to compel him to forget but he’s heard of vervain also so Marcel knocks him unconscious instead.

Freya’s trying on wedding dresses and talking to Rebekah when the subject of future children comes up. Freya is still on the fence but apparently Keelin is totally pro children. It turns out they haven’t talked about it at all so Freya decides to go tell Keelin she won’t ever have kids because she lost her son a thousand years ago. This plotline kind of annoyed me too because I don’t believe the subject wouldn’t have come up at least once in the last eight years they’ve known each other. Keelin is obviously upset at the timing and Freya runs back to Rebekah where she talks more honestly about her fears than she did with the woman she was about to marry. She’s worried she’ll put herself before a child and Rebekah assures her that no one in the family will do such a thing after all they’ve been through.

Back in Manosque, Hayley does show up at the art gallery to see Elijah and they have a very fun and flirty time talking shit about the art and then a little about love. Hayley says she can tell that Elijah loves it there in France and he admits it was love at first sight for him. For me these flashbacks in France were so heartbreaking from Hayley’s perspective. It’s so clear she’s still in love with him but she knows that he’s happier in France without her than he ever could be back in New Orleans with his family. They end up dancing at the art show and it’s almost palpable how into each other they are, but he’s with Antoinette and she’s just on vacation. They do make some promises about seeing each other in the next life. Back in the present Elijah finds a deed to a house in the bayou that Hayley bought for them. It’s all very sad and just makes me resent the whole season more than I already did.

Davina finally tries the spell for which she collected Hope’s tears. She’s basically using the tears as a magical signature to see if there’s an antidote in Esther’s grimoires. Unfortunately, the spell kind of backfires and burns all the grimoires to ash instead. We cut from there straight to Klaus compelling a wedding planner to give up the venue and it works which is awesome. Klaus obviously took some tips from Caroline about planning a perfect party in a limited time frame. Rebekah approaches him to tell him what Davina found out which is that the Hollow is consuming Hope from the inside out and she could die pretty much at any time.

Back at the compound, Keelin is packing up to leave when Freya finds her again. They finally have this talk about kids they should have had any time in the last eight years and Keelin admits she didn’t want to have kids either before she met Freya because she was worried about passing on her werewolf gene. They come to the agreement that they’re both open about talking about having a family more seriously and the wedding is back on (duh).

Klaus catches Elijah running away like a total coward. He admits he did know Hayley when he let her die, not their whole past, but he remembered meeting her in France and he definitely could have saved her but he thought she was meant to be a distraction. Now he can’t forgive himself. Klaus tells him Hope is dying and Elijah says “then I’m probably the last thing she needs around her.” I mean yes, but also it’s not about you, it’s clearly about Klaus and his concern over his daughter dying!

At the wedding Davina is wearing maybe the sexiest green velvet dress I’ve ever seen while she talks to Marcel about the city and Josh and Declan. Davina is actually on Declan’s side because if everyone had been a little more open with each other maybe Josh’s death could have been avoided. She thinks there’s a path toward peace that doesn’t require any more bloodshed or secrets. It makes Marcel think about the possibilities and it makes me think this conversation could definitely have happened years ago, but whatever.

Elijah finally opens the letter from Hayley and it’s lovely. She thanks him for helping her understand enough to get over her ex. It seems to give him some comfort that she was at peace with their relationship when she saw how happy he was in France.

Freya is about to walk down the aisle by herself when Klaus comes and offers to go with her which is when Elijah shows up and offers as well. So Freya gets to walk down the aisle with both her brothers which is so great. Vincent is still MIA which really annoyed me but everyone else is there. Kol officiates the wedding with the power vested in him by a monk in the 1200’s and also the internet just to be safe (LOL). You can also tell they filmed this scene in the winter in Vancouver because you can see everyone’s breath and how much they’re trying not to look cold. Keelin is also wearing a boss halter top pant suit that I wish I could pull off.

The reception is small and intimate but it looks so fun. Marcel and Rebekah have a nice small scene where they seem to both understand their relationship probably won’t ever really be over. Hope stumbles into Keelin and literally everyone rushes toward her to see if she’s alright. Keelin insists she’s just had too much champagne.  She makes a toast about how much fun she’s had with the whole family together and how she finally feels like she’s a part of “always and forever” in a way that she didn’t before.

Marcel sneaks away from the reception to go back to see Declan. He says he has to cancel the meeting he planned with the humans to expose everything. If he just tells everyone about the supernatural he’ll cause a panic but Marcel will teach him everything he needs to do so he can do it right. If they want to save the city they need to work together and ensure change.

Klaus goes to check on Hope and also tell her she’s dying. She says the wedding and the time with the family helped her forget all her troubles for a little while. She’s still scared to transform for the first time but she’s glad Klaus will be there with her. He can’t bring himself to tell her she’s dying.

He leaves to find Elijah on the balcony and admits he couldn’t tell Hope. Elijah seems to understand and they have a very long and intense hug. Their relationship is the literal heart of the show in the same way Stefan and Damon were always the heart of “The Vampire Diaries” and all it does is remind me of everything we’ve been missing this season.

Next week it looks like we’re going to finally get Hope’s transformation and some more Caroline which is very exciting! I also think it’s going to be the official backdoor pilot for “Legacies” and I’m anxious to see what kind of show it’s actually going to be. We’re definitely winding down the season and I have less than no idea how it’s going to end except that there’s sure to be several more deaths.

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