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Rolling Roadshow Presents “The Meg” on the Water

Advance screenings can sometimes feel like a stuffy affair. Sitting in a quiet theater with a bunch of quiet folks taking notes. The film can be amazing, but everyone files out and waits until they get to the car to gush about it (at least, I gush about it once I get to the car).

Rolling Roadshow Meg on the Water
Photo credit: Caitlin Kennedy/Shuffle Online

Well, “The Meg” on the Water was not your typical screening!!! Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow does it again! We love “JAWS” on the Water, so why don’t we take it up a notch.

This exciting advance screening for “The Meg” took place at the Volente Beach Resort and Waterpark; home of the “JAWS” event for the past couple of years. Sunny weather lent itself perfectly to enjoy the lazy river and taking advantage of the slides. The hours before the screening began were passed with a fantastic brew selection and some great eats, Austin style! Taco Baby was my fare of choice but barbeque was enjoyed by many.

Alamo Drafthouse continues to impress with great attention to detail, as reflected in their photo ops and the awesome tubes given to movie-goers. At the risk of waxing poetic, an Alamo/Rolling Roadshow production is about much more than finding a better way to watch movies, it’s about immersing yourself in the very culture of cinema and doing it with a crowd that is just as enthusiastic as you are. The crowd at “The Meg” had great energy and everyone was ready to throw themselves in the deep end of the experience.

Rolling Roadshow Meg on the Water
Photo credit: Caitlin Kennedy/Shuffle Online

As the sun went down and tubes crowded the shallows near the screen, sharks circled for fun and games and an impressive display of sharks in cinema. Then the lights went down… rather the sun finally set… and the real fun began!

As always, Rolling Roadshow delivers on a fantastic film-going experience and great atmosphere and service. It’s always a VIP experience.

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