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Charlie Faye and the Fayettes Release New Single “I Don’t Need No Baby”

Austin-based girl group Charlie Faye and the Fayettes have a new single, “I Don’t Need No Baby,” coming out on September 6. On the night of the single’s release, the band is hosting an official single release party at Antone’s too! We recently spoke to lead vocalist Charlie Faye about the single and much more.

Charlie Faye and the Fayettes
Photo courtesy of Charlie Faye and the Fayettes

“I Don’t Need No Baby” is the first track to be released from their upcoming album, which will be released in early 2019. It offers more of the traditional ’60s girl group sound that the band has become known for, with Faye herself even referencing the “Be My Baby”-style drum beat in the song’s intro. Even with its retro musical influences though, the song manages to be a modern feminist anthem, as you may be able to tell from the title. Lyrically, the track is a declaration of a woman’s desire to be independent, even in the face of a man who is trying to woo her. The chorus is easy to sing along with, featuring the lyrics “I don’t want, I don’t need no baby,” and repeating them.

The track, which clocks in at nearly four minutes, features beautiful harmonies from the group’s other singers, BettySoo and Akina Adderley. Those harmonies can be heard during the verses, but really stand out during the song’s chorus and bridge. In addition to the ’60s-inspired instrumentation and vocals, there is some more modern-sounding production on the song as well, like hand-clapping and cymbals. This upbeat song will make you forget that fall is just around the corner, as it definitely sounds like something you could listen to at a laid-back pool party or visit to the beach.

To buy tickets to the September 6 single release show at Antone’s, click here. To keep up with what Charlie Faye and the Fayettes are up to, visit their website here:

Featured image credit: Courtesy of Charlie Faye and the Fayettes

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