A Rundown Of “Game Of Thrones” Games

Excitement for HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” is about to ramp up. While we still have at least six months to wait, by the sound of things, before the final season airs, it’s the biggest show in the world, and the hype cycle is going to be long and intense. We already learned recently that Emilia Clarke, the Mother of Dragons herself, has gotten a tattoo of her babies, so as to have the role that made her career forever stamped on her forearm. And in the coming weeks and months, you can rest assured we’ll start to get little hints and teases about where the next season might be going (as well as which of several rumored spinoffs may follow).


In short, “Game Of Thrones” fever will soon be consuming us all once more. And if you’re so excited you can’t stand it, but you’ve rewatched the show too many times, you’re not up for reading the books with no Winds Of Winter in sight, and you don’t know what else to do with yourself, a bit of “Game Of Thrones” gaming certainly can’t hurt. In fact, you can fairly easily dive into a “Game Of Thrones” game and stay occupied with it from now until the final season premieres.

These are some of the games to choose from.

Telltale Games’ “Game Of Thrones”

Telltale Games has produced the biggest and best “Game Of Thrones” game to date. It’s true that it’s been frustrating players more recently, and that its second season is on hold. But through its signature style of beautiful graphics and narrative focus, Telltale did the best job of bringing George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world to life for gamers. It’s still not quite the free-flowing, open world adventure a lot of people would love to play, but it’s immersive in its own way, and it allows you to customize a sort of tangential narrative to the core story.

“Reigns: Game Of Thrones”

Developed by Devolver Digital for mobile platforms, this is a single player strategy game. And as of this writing, it actually hasn’t come out yet. However, we feel okay including it here because it’s modeled after Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty, which are terrific mobile games. These games simply present you with scenarios and decisions to make, all with tongue-in-cheek humor and silly animations. But in the process you’re expected to keep a kingdom afloat through your decisions. Frankly this is a brilliant concept, and following its release in October of this year we would expect it to be a great new “Game Of Thrones” video game.

“Game Of Thrones” Slots

Video slots featuring various themes, animations, and cinematic sequences have become very popular on casino gaming sites in the last few years. And a title based on “Game Of Thrones” is known to be among the best options in the category. As you might imagine if you’re familiar with online slots, this game uses various main characters, house sigils, and other Game Of Thrones symbols to add some layers to the slot arcade experience. The result is surprisingly immersive, and certainly a notch above the average slot game.

“Game Of Thrones: Conquest”

Depending on how you feel about mobile games and the strategy genre, “Game Of Thrones: Conquest” might seem a little bit repetitive. That’s because where gameplay is concerned it’s not unlike some other games that ask you to build civilizations, wage wars, and expand your territory. Even if this is familiar though, it’s a very popular genre for a reason, and cloaking it in the atmosphere, characters, and map of “Game Of Thrones” makes for a fun experience.

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