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“Legacies” Ep.1.06: “Mombie Dearest”

And we’re back with “Legacies” episode 1.06 “Mombie Dearest.” This episode finally addressed the Caroline-shaped hole in the series, and it was even pretty believable! Caroline is not around in her daughters’ lives because she’s off trying to find a solution to the Gemini coven issue so the girls hopefully won’t have to murder each other when they turn twenty-two. On the one hand, I like that because it’s active. On the other hand, they’re only just turning sixteen in this episode; six more years feels like plenty of time to find an out.

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Speaking of the ages of everyone in this show, does anyone else think every single character has been having WAY too much sex for fifteen-year-olds so far? Maybe it’s just because I’m old now but it really felt like a slap in the face when I realized Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) were only turning sixteen. In any event, it is a Sweet Sixteen to rival all others which leads to one of my favorite dynamics of this show that I really want to keep exploring: Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Rafael (Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith).

These two are completely perfect together and while I’m not sold on a relationship yet, I am all aboard the friendship for these two. They have a ton in common, they both have a bit of a chip on their shoulder, and now that Hope was instrumental in sending Landon away they’ve got some fun tension as well. Trapping them in the gym this episode was inspired and their conversations were a big highlight for me in an already jam-packed episode. They talked out their problems, made some peace, and did a waltz for crying out loud!

On the other end of the interest spectrum is Lizzie. When the show started and our introduction to her was immediately putting her foot in her mouth followed by her manic smashing of every single dish in the kitchen, I was intrigued. Unfortunately everything we’ve learned about Lizzie from then on has been a disappointment. I can handle a damaged character who acts out. I can handle a narcissistic character who doesn’t seem to care about those around her. I can even handle a character with such single-minded focus that she ignores everything and everyone around her constantly. What I can’t handle is for a character to be all of those things and still be considered the hero of the piece.

There is a lot of complexity to be mined within Lizzie’s character and within her relationship with Josie specifically. But the show seems to be treating her like a hero and sometimes a victim with no real evidence of why I should be inspired by her or feel sorry for her. Sure, her mom is gone, so is Josie’s. Sure, her dad is kind of absentee, so is Josie’s. Sure, she can’t have the partner she likes, neither can Josie or Hope or Landon or her dad or her mom. Nothing about her is unique enough to excuse her behavior thus far and it’s starting to weigh down the frivolity of the show.

Just take this episode. Rafael has agreed to be her date for her birthday but Penelope traps him in the gym with Hope so that MG can finally get a shot with Lizzie. And Lizzie has fun with MG! Like enough fun that it seems she forgets about Rafael for the most part. At least until he shows up at the last minute and totally cockblocks MG. Lizzie totally brushes MG to the side and dances with Rafael instead which is literally such a shitty way to treat someone who was actually there for you when you needed them. I’m not saying I want Lizzie and MG to get together because Lizzie does not deserve such a nice guy to walk all over. Luckily, Rafael comes clean about not being ready to move on from his girlfriend who died like two months ago so it’s not a huge concern.

The other thing that chafes here is that Josie is literally missing for the entire birthday party when Lizzie knows there’s a zombiefied version of their birth mother roaming around and she barely cares until Rafael breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Josie, who is consistently undercut and taken advantage of, decides to spend time with zombie Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). It’s actually so good to see Jo again after her tragic death on her wedding day to Ric (Matthew Davis). I only wish we could keep Jodi Lynn O’Keefe because she brings a lot out of the twins and Ric that I think we’re going to have to work towards through the series.

Unbeknownst to everyone (though Ric is extremely skeptical) Jo has some kind of evilness inside her that brought her back to life. It’s unclear exactly how it’s triggered but it’s not too long before she’s overcome by whatever it is and has buried Josie in the cemetery. It’s up to Penelope (surprisingly delightful this episode) MG and Hope (rocking a surprisingly princessy dress) to rescue her whilst fighting a horde of zombies. They’re able to find her thanks to a necklace Hope gave her “to make quiet things heard” which is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The episode ends heartbreakingly with the twins having to siphon the magic away from Jo because there’s something taking over her body that she can’t control. Being in charge of your mother’s death can’t be easy so I’m sure Lizzie will continue to act out in the future while Josie represses and Ric continues to deny his whole life.

When he ventures into the woods to bury Jo he runs across the Necromancer who seems to think he’s a pretty big deal. Luckily he’s felled by one good swing of a shovel. Next week looks like we’re going to take a trip through Hope’s brain with the Necromancer and potentially get some more answers!

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