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SXSW 2019: Aidy Bryant and Elizabeth Banks Talk New Project “Shrill”

If someone made choose my favorite moment at SXSW 2019, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick one in particular. The music, the sessions, the panels, the parties. It was all just AMAZING. However, I do know for a fact there is one session that made my top three:  Elizabeth Banks with Aidy Bryant.

Bryant is a current cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and Banks is an actor, director and producer.

Aidy Bryant and Elizabeth Banks at SXSW
Photo by Leigh Kettle

Queens of comedy, the two sat down at SXSW one afternoon to chat about being women in the film industry, their history in the industry, and their recent collaboration on Hulu’s the new show “Shrill.”

Bryant opened up the session by asking Banks how she came to become a producer after years of acting. Sharing her story, Banks opened up to admit it was much more difficult than many may think. After being told “she had too many ideas” and that she was “too uppity” for male directors to take seriously, Banks was shaken but stood firm. She eventually turned her perspective around and realized what she had been told to believe was a lie, and that there were people who wanted to hear her ideas, hear her voice. Soon after this epiphany, Banks bloomed in confidence and eventually created her own production company with her husband Max Handelman.

Over the years, Banks has helped produce some of the the “Pitch Perfect” movies and is now producing a new adaptation of “Charlie’s Angels” and the show “Shrill” starring Aidy Bryant. A story that many women can relate to, “Shrill” is based on a book by Lindy West that shares the life of an overweight girl who wants to change her life but not her body. Throughout the conversation, it was evident Bryant was completely honored to have a part in the show and views Banks as a mentor.

A funny yet real conversation, Bryant and Banks’ session entertained and an inspired us all, and I personally cannot wait to binge “Shrill” this weekend. If y’all get around to watching it, comment your thoughts below!

“Shrill” is now streaming on Hulu.

(Side note: Banks mentioned that her mom and Beyonce help get her through each day, which YES, gurl. I’m right there with ya.)

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Featured image & photo gallery credit: Leigh Kettle/Shuffle Online

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