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SXSW 2019: Chvrches Left a Trace at Capital One House

Indie pop band Chvrches brought a dynamic performance to SXSW’s Capital One House at Austin’s historic Antone’s on Saturday, March 16. From Glasgow, Scotland, Chvrches features Lauren Mayberry (lead and backing vocals, drums, percussion, additional synthesizers), Iain Cook (synthesizers, piano, guitars, bass), and Martin Doherty (synthesizers, samplers, backing and lead vocals).

Chvrches at SXSW
Photo by Leigh Kettle

The night kicked off with two openers, Austin’s own Abraham Alexander and singer-songwriter Jade Bird. Anticipation filled the are before the band came on stage, and it was the most packed I’d ever seen Antone’s, one of my personal favorite venues. Attendees enjoyed sipping on drinks courtesy of Capital One while swaying and jumping to Chvrchces’ electronic pop tracks that have risen to the top of charts over the past year, particularly “Miracle” and “Get Out.”

I’d see Chvrches a couple times before but only in festival settings, so I was beyond excited to see them for the first time in an intimate venue despite the crazy crowds (I’ll admit my pictures weren’t quite as good this time around because of that 😬, but hey – sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the show).

Lauren Mayberry charmed the crowd with her adorable accent and tiny frame that bounced around the stage, dancing to the band’s beats as her mesmerizing voice reverberated throughout the venue. It was a night full of energy and the perfect way to enter the first weekend of SXSW, a spark of hope before entering what would be an amazing yet exhausting ten days.

Songs in the full setlist include the following (those bolded with links are my personal favorites).

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