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“Good Girls” Ep 2.05: “Everything Must Go”

After last week’s episode there was no way I thought this one would live up, but it actually did! “Good Girls” is a show that just keeps getting better and I don’t know how it’s not finding a larger audience. It’s the perfect blend of hang out show, crime show, girl power show and sexy will they-won’t they with a trio of female friendships at the center. I’m very discouraged to find out that the show is not doing well in the ratings because I require a third season. So if you’re at all inclined please be sure to catch up on the show ASAP and make your interest known!

Good Girls - Season 2
(l-r) Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Manny Montana as Rio | Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Episode Synopsis:

Beth (Christina Hendricks) must turn to Dean (Matthew Lillard) for help as Turner gets closer to the truth about their crimes, but she unwittingly uncovers a troubling secret about Dean when a familiar face from the past returns.

Moving on to the actual plot of the episode and boy was there a lot of it. First off, the opening scene was scored by what my captions called “slutty rock music” which was hilarious and perfect. Then we got Ruby telling Stan EVERYTHING about disposing of Boomer’s body. I guess he’s really actually dead because it seems like a for real issue that a lot of people are staking lives and careers on so that’s a plus at least. Then Beth, our resident Boss Bitch, starts having the kinkiest fantasy about Rio while she’s masturbating. It’s basically getting her off thinking about him smashing up her bedroom with a crowbar.

Unfortunately, because Dean is the actual worst, she gets interrupted to ask how to make French toast. It’s not the worst thing Dean’s ever done, but also French toast is one of the easiest breakfasts and the milk to egg ratio is not an exact science. Just fucking do it and let your wife get off in peace! He’s completely worthless.

Keeping the worthless theme is Mary Pat, who I was just starting to like before she started trying to throw the girls under the bus again. I mean I know she had to think quick on her feet after her son outed her for killing Boomer last week, but still! Agent Turner brings her to a very small hotel room with her four sons who immediately start going bananas because the room has Nick Jr. Then she starts talking about how the girls killed Boomer which is an exercise in absurdist comedy. Because she doesn’t want her sons to hear what’s going on she spells all the more offensive words but gets stuck when she can’t figure out how to spell “machete.” It’s a very Monty Python/Who’s on First routine and I was laughing out loud the whole time.

The girls manage to find out through Stan that the cops have brought dogs to the dump to find the body so they call an emergency meeting with Rio. Rio tells them he needs $200k in order to get rid of Boomer’s body so there’s no evidence. Which is when Beth decides to go to Dean who continues to be the worst dude on this show. He’s a terrible salesman and an even worse businessman. When Beth tells him what they have to do he admits that he can’t get any cars because his old side piece (the magnificent and welcome return of Sara Paxton!) is the gatekeeper at the auto auction.

So Beth and the girls decide to go see her and find out that Dean is even worse than we knew! Evidently he was cheating constantly with tons of women. But they do get the cars they need to sell. Annie and Ruby try to comfort her and get her to talk about it and Annie wonders if it was better or worse that it was lots of women or if it’s worse if it was just once per woman or lots of times with each woman. Beth’s answer is legitimately heartbreaking when she says it was “just a warm body, anyone but me. That makes it worse.”

And she’s totally right. She’s also totally right to call Dean out on his shitty behavior. He claims it was only four women but I don’t believe that for a single second. He also tries to blame Beth because they hadn’t had sex because she had POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION! I’ve never wished Rio murdered Dean more than at that exact moment.

In addition to that whole mess, Agent Turner also shows up to let slip to Beth that they’re going to find Boomer’s body like any minute so they call another meeting with Rio where they’re able to pay him after selling all the cars they got from Amber. But the real meat of this scene is when Annie figures out that Beth and Rio hooked up. The journey on Retta’s face once Annie tells her that “gang friend” has “gotten into” Beth is absolutely the best work she’s ever done and this was the second time I belly laughed during the episode.

The end of the episode is equal parts satisfying and frustrating. Beth comes to the dealership and starts giving Dean all kinds of information about how to care for his children. When he asks where she’s going to be while he does all the things she just explained to him she says she’ll be working at the dealership. She then sets about making all the changes she suggested to him a couple episodes ago. She truly is the Boss Bitch we all deserve.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mary Pat is going to continue to be a giant pain when Agent Turner shows up to tell her they didn’t find Boomer’s body. She decides to throw Ruby and Stan under the bus in the final moments of the episode to keep herself out of trouble, telling Agent Turner that “one of them is married to a cop.” This is sure to bite everyone in the ass but hopefully none more so than Mary Pat.

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Featured photo credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

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