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“Good Girls” Ep.2.07: “The Dubby”

With a newly promised Season 3 I’m feeling a lot less nervous about where the show will end up this season. Cliffhanger endings are terrible when they end up being series finales but now we don’t have to worry about that for at least another year!

Good Girls - Season 2
Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland | Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Episode Synopsis:

When Rio (Manny Montana) gives her an assignment, Beth (Christina Hendricks) is forced to take her kids with her. Meanwhile, under pressure from Turner, Ruby (Retta) crosses a line there’s no coming back from. Annie (Mae Whitman) meets her new manager at Fine & Frugal.

Firstly, Dean is still totally incapable of caring for his own children. He’s not sleeping in the same room as Beth and Beth are doing literally everything for the family. She’s up at five every morning and back well after dark selling cars and pills and collecting literal stacks of cash. She also makes sure to leave her kids post-it notes every morning to let them know she’s thinking of them which is just adorable. Until Dean leaves one for her asking if she’s going to Jane’s dance recital. It’s a valid question, but also a dick move aka Dean’s specialty.

She does make it to the dance recital but Rio interrupts her, asking about making a drop that night so she does miss Jane’s actual dance. When they get home Dean also tries to pull rank by saying that he has “book club” things to do. Honestly, Dean could disappear at any moment and it wouldn’t be too soon. Because of Dean’s idiocy, Beth is forced to take all four kids in the car to the creepy drug dealer house and then wait for Annie to pick them up.

In addition to being horrible, it is also the inciting incident for the main plot of this episode which is the titular “dubby” aka Jane’s baby blanket. Jane leaves the blanket in the car resulting in Beth, Annie, and Ruby going back to the drug house to try and get the blanket back. Unfortunately, not all drug dealers are as enamored of Beth as Rio and all three girls almost get hella raped before making a quick getaway. When Beth brings up the whole situation to Rio he is not very outwardly sympathetic as you can imagine.

Meanwhile Dean is still taking Krav Maga lessons from the former Mossad agent and asking lots of pointed questions about who could kill someone. The instructor, who is incredible, paints a picture for Dean of how it might go, ending with both gangsters and cops coming after Dean for hiring a hitman and Dean looks pretty shaken. Of course the instructor gives him the phone number of the hitman anyway and we all know Dean’s going to use it because he can’t self reflect for two seconds to realize he’s the one who ruined his own life, not Rio.

Similarly on my last nerve is Agent Turner who is still trying to get Ruby to turn on Beth and seemingly doing a pretty good job. She’s recording conversations with Beth and Annie which luckily don’t have much incriminating information in them. But she continues snooping and when Jane goes missing, Ruby offers to hold down the fort and finds Beth’s “Book Club” calendar full of TONS of incriminating information. Ruby feels very conflicted about it which is great, but with Stan submitting to a lie detector and Agent Turner not leaving her alone she also feels like she’s out of options.

While Dean and Stan are out with a group looking for Jane, Dean also tries to conscript Stan into his bonkers plan to kill Rio. Honestly, I love Matthew Lillard but Dean is straight up asking to be murdered at this point and it’s pretty hilarious. I mean he straight up accused Rio of stealing Jane despite Beth assuring him that it could not be the case. And in fact it isn’t which we find out when Ruby finds Jane in the closet with all her stuffed animals and some gummy bears in a suitcase because she wanted to run away but she’s “not allowed to cross the street alone.”

The only other big things in this episode involve Annie; the first of which is that Sadie still has a boatload of attitude. She also lied about going to a movie with Nancy because she thought Annie wouldn’t understand, which is fair. Annie also managed to meet the new manager at the grocery store, Noah. He is very cute and super funny and they immediately banged in the stockroom which evens out Annie and Beth’s inappropriate sexual partners scorecard. I’m sure he’s too good to be true, but Annie deserves this win right now so I’m fine with it.

Closing out the episode, Dean grabs the mail after everyone is back home safe and sound and finds a package addressed to “Elizabeth.” In the first place do we even know if that’s Beth’s full name or is Rio just being super extra? In the second place it’s definitely Jane’s dubby which Rio went back to the drug dealers and got for her.

Next week there’s sure to be some fallout from Ruby calling Agent Turner about the “book club” calendar and from Annie’s ill-advised affair with her boss. For now, though, it’s just cool that Rio actually cares, despite his outward assurances that he doesn’t.

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Featured photo credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

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