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Local Natives Gave Us Wide Eyes at Stubb’s

Local Natives’ Spiral Choir tour stopped by Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater (my favorite venue if you didn’t already know) on Saturday, June 15. After a remarkable performance by their opener Middle Kids (read all about their set here), the band mystically glided on the dark stage while fog and strobe lights crept in the back.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

From Los Angeles, California, Local Natives is currently comprised of Taylor Rice (vocals, guitar), Kelcey Ayer (vocals, keyboards, percussion, guitar), Ryan Hahn (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Matt Frazier (drums), and Nik Ewing (bass, keyboards, vocals). Since their formation in 2008, Local Natives has been dishing out tunes that have climbed up the charts – at this point, they’re considered an indie-rock staple.

You can always tell how a concert is going to go by that first punch of music rising through the air, that first blast of flood lights filling the stage. Local Natives’ launched their set with a music and light show that fully immersed us into the Spiral Choir, melodies and riffs in perfect sync with the illuminations beaming through the sky.

I’ve been a fan of Local Natives for years, and I’m almost embarrassed to say that this was my first time to see them live. Needless to say though, it was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. Just two songs in, Taylor leaped into a sea of fans and swam through the cheers gracefully, not even missing the slightest beat. Accompanied by co-vocalist Kelsey, the two fashioned the most incredible harmonies that will haunt my ears forever (in the best way, of course).

Photo by Leigh Kettle

Song in the full setlist included the following (those with links are my personal favorites):


  • Shy
  • Tap Dancer
  • Who Knows, Who Cares

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