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We Sunk Our Teeth into Shark Week at “JAWS on the Water”

Now considered a bucket list event in Austin, Rolling Roadshow’s “JAWS on the Water” has been running nearly every Saturday this summer at Volente Beach Resort, a tucked-away oasis and aquatic playground on the shores of Lake Travis. In its fifth year, “JAWS on the Water” is a one-of-a-kind experience offering attendees exclusive access to all the Volente Beach Resort rides, a unique viewing of a classic summertime movie and tons of surprises and scares throughout the whole evening.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

We rolled up to Volente Beach right at 6 p.m., which proved helpful when it came to parking. Though not too far away from the resort, the parking lot quickly filled up as we walked to the entrance. Check-in was a breeze, leaving us plenty of time to explore the grounds and enjoy a couple of beers before the show.

The resort was filled with “JAWS” themed goodies and photo opportunities for everyone’s liking. Upon purchasing “Billy Bands” (drink tickets in the form of a rubber wristband), we received a “JAWS on the Water” koozie to keep our cold snacks chilled. Meal tickets were also available for purchase and use at various food trucks on-site. Rolling Roadshow sure does make sure you’re covered on all fronts!

The vandalized Amity Island sign stood on the edge of the beach alongside other “Beach Closed” signs from the movie. Nearby, a huge shark sculpture ascended out of the sand. While many snapped selfies, others got body paintings resembling realistic shark bites on their thighs, arms or shoulders.

Around the corner, attendees could retrieve a “JAWS” themed tube for purchase or rent. Though we brought our own tubes, I highly considered purchasing one for novelty. Inspired by a shark victim’s float in the movie, the Alex Kintner’s yellow tube featured a headrest and cupholders to ensure the most comfortable viewing experience in the water.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

In addition to the koozie, we received a handy “JAWS on the Water” lanyard to keep our keys and phones protected from the water (this proved especially helpful to get some snaps during the show). Upon grabbing one, we also were handed glow sticks for ordering drinks in the water (I’ll explain more here in a bit!).

You likely know the movie “JAWS” (or, I at least hope you do…), so I won’t spend much time talking about the film itself. However, I must say that watching it while floating in a body of water is a whole new experience. The anticipation and suspense seemed to double, as every now and then you’d hear a faint shriek from someone who just had a scary encounter of their own…

Oh, did I not tell you? There was a squad of scuba divers lurking underneath us to scare and surprise victims of their own!

Let’s get back to the glow stick situation. One of the best things about this event was that you could order a drink without leaving your tube. All you had to do was raise your glow stick and pass down your “Billy Band” to the nearest dock attendant. Next year I plan to sit right near the dock for optimal convenience. 😉

The show concluded with a bang (quite literally), as fireworks lit up the sky over Lake Travis. What will eventually become a summer tradition for me and my friends, “JAWS on the Water” presented an amazing evening that reminded me just how much I love Austin.

“JAWS on the Water” will continue to run through the first three Saturdays of August (August 3, August 10 and August 17)! Be sure to grab your tickets here

Featured image credit: Leigh Kettle

Few our full photo gallery from the event below!

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