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Fantastic Fest 2019: “Butt Fantasia” Short Film Review


Butts are among the most lovable of the body parts. They’re soft. They’re shapely. They’re simultaneously sensual and silly. Praised in rap lyrics for decades and having a major cultural moment on Instagram, the butt is the noblest of film subjects.

Butt Fantasia

In “Butt Fantasia,” director Mohit Jaswal demonstrates his sophisticated understanding of the butt as a cultural icon and complex creature of parallels in this fantastical ode. The short film tells the story of an odd stranger that comes into possession of a magical hat, which transports him to a world unlike any other.

The short film played before the world premiere of the highly anticipated Fantastic Fest feature “Butt Boy.” Fantastic Fest is celebrating its 15th year as the largest genre film festival in the United States and home to the quirkiest cinema.

The short has obvious nods to the giants of cinema. The entire piece is quite clearly modeled after the iconic sequence “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Disney’s “Fantasia” (1940). The film’s climax depicts a butt in a similar role to Godzilla. Shot after shot is flashes of popular culture, all done in rapid succession.

Butt Fantasia

“Butt Fantasia” is an absolute joy and delight. The scenes are playful and lean into the comedic side of the butt’s diverse personality. Speaking of personality, who knew that butts could play joy, tragedy and a vengeful monster so well!? Talk about range!

The short is funny, thought-provoking and a wonderful tour of the creator’s imagination. It goes to show that there’s no topping rough, practical effects and pure resourcefulness when it comes to exciting filmmaking. “Butt Fantasia” is a diamond in the rough and a prime example of the spirit of Fantastic Fest. Hold onto your butts and be sure to see it!

“Butt Fantasia” will show again, with “Butt Boy,” on the closing night of Fantastic Fest 2019 on Thursday, September 26 at 5 p.m. 

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