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“Legacies” Season 2, Episode 3: “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know” Recap

Wow, you guys! I thought season one of “Legacies” was good, but season two is only three episodes in and I think it might already be better? All the characters are already established and, even though they’ve forgotten this huge thing, they’re still pretty much the same people they were, just more. I’m absolutely loving the way they’re teasing out everyone finding out about Hope even though they still don’t know her at this point. It’s super fun to watch. 

As promised, this episode was what I hope will be an annual occurrence for the show: the annual touch football game between Mystic Falls High and the Salvatore School. Just like last year it is a delight, but even more so because this year Headmaster Vardemus allows the students to use their powers against the Mystic Falls team. Before we get there, though, we have to hang out with Ethan, a couple randoms, and a huge douchebag from Mystic Falls High for a few minutes. Initially they’re just going to vandalize the Salvatore School, but then Ethan gets real annoyed about it and he and the randoms leave “Dennis” to his own devices in the middle of the woods. 

What I thought happened next was that Rafael as a wolf attacked Dennis once he was by himself. But what actually happened, which I found out later, is that something called a Shunka attacked Dennis. According to Dorian, who got stuck on research duty at the school while Alaric coached the football game again, a Shunka is a mythical creature that eats werewolves. Once Hope finds out, she remembers about Rafael in the woods and immediately makes a plan to turn him back before he can be eaten by the Shunka. 

Meanwhile, Josie is going guns blazing in this football game. She has been fully taken under by Vardemus and, while it’s fun to watch Josie embrace her powers and become her own character, it’s also very upsetting watching her go down the same road Kai did with regards to power. I’m not saying she’s evil or she’s going to try and throw over Lizzie, and it’s clear by the end of the episode that she’s full of remorse and regret because of her actions, but it’s still uncomfortable to watch. 

Speaking of Lizzie, she is still super hung up on Sebastian which does not feel like it’s going to end well. In the first place, she’s still being totally oblivious to MG’s feelings for her in a way that I can’t believe is accidental. I mean, he is just so fully in love with her that it seems impossible that Lizzie has no idea. She also keeps claiming that she’s “mentally healthy,” which I literally can’t disagree with more. Sure, she’s less erratic and vengeful than she was, but she’s still the most narcissistic person on the show, and that’s kind of saying something on a show full of teenagers. That being said, MG agrees to help her find out if Sebastian is a monster of some kind. The only problem is that MG can’t actually see Sebastian — only Lizzie can, but she doesn’t know that yet. 

Back at the football game Lizzie is doing monster research, Ethan is sitting the game out so he doesn’t injure himself for real football, Maya and Hope are co-captains for Mystic Falls High, and Josie is being AGGRESSIVELY jealous of Hope — to the point that she forces Landon to tackle her, which is extremely rude.

Luckily though it gives Hope the opportunity to fake a sprained ankle and go deal with Rafael and the Shunka. First she has to go to her old room, which is now Landon’s room, and grab some supplies and do a quick spell, which is exactly when Landon walks in and demands to know what’s going on. 

Can I just say, it is truly adorable when Landon thinks he’s a man. He is not tough or burly or anything but he consistently manages to pretend he’s like a full grown tough guy, and it’s just precious every single time. As we already know Hope is so much better and stronger than him in every way, but Landon gets a rude awakening when Hope freezes him in his place so she can tell him her plan to wake Rafael up. He insists on going with her and she reluctantly agrees to let him. 

Once in the woods, they’re pretty quickly tricked by the Shunka when it calls out in Dennis’s voice for help. In order to protect Landon, Hope does the only thing she can, which is to get completely naked and turn into a wolf and lure it away from him. It is truly badass. The longer no one knows who she is and she has to stoically accept it, the more I love her. Luckily it’s not long before Hope finds Rafael and manages to change him back. Unluckily, he also does not remember her, despite my hoping he would because he was a wolf the whole time she was in Malivore. 

Back at the football game, Josie goes full dark side and totally breaks Ethan’s arm while he’s in the middle of a pass. There goes his scholarship I guess. It’s a truly horrible moment, and you can see the regret on Josie’s face immediately, but she still did it and now she can’t undo it. Maya is obviously distraught for Ethan when Hope meets her at the hospital and it’s fully heartbreaking. 

The episode finishes up with Rafael still having wolfy dreams even now that he’s human again. Josie admits to Landon that she did something terrible, and instead of being horrified he tells her he thinks she’s right about Hope and they need to figure out her deal. *Sigh* I just want someone to remember Hope…like one person that’s not suspicious of her besides Alaric. I suppose that’s too much to ask only three episodes into the season, but still. 

The last thing we see is Headmaster Vardemus in the woods looking at the dead Shunka, which seems normal enough until his jaw gets enormous and unhinges and he starts eating it! As expected, the new Headmaster is definitely something. Alternately, he is not the real headmaster but rather something that has taken over his body to infiltrate the school. Either way it’s not a good thing, and it’s making me question Caroline’s judgement. Hopefully we get an explanation soon!

“Legacies” airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9/8c! Stay tuned for all our season two recaps.

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