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We Basked in Matt and Kim’s Daylight at Emo’s

Brooklyn-based dynamic duo Matt and Kim stopped by Austin’s Emo’s on Wednesday, November 13. Visiting for their Grand 10 Year Celebration Tour, this punk-pop pair features Matt Johnson (keys) and Kim Schifino (drums).

Photo by Leigh Kettle

I’ve been listening to Matt and Kim since early college, so I’ll admit I was downright giddy when I heard they were back on tour. “Daylight” was my anthem for a stretch of life, and knowing that I’d finally have the chance to see it live was the perfect pick-me-up after a stressful couple months.  

Matt and Kim radiated pure joy and passion during their performance. Through their mesmerizing melodies and infectious dance moves, each song was a party in itself. As confetti, balloons and various inflatable objects floated around the crowd, the two artists gave their all on stage. With every step and beat in sync, Matt and Kim’s love for their art and for each other was evident in every way.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

Can we also chat real quick about how much of a badass Kim is? Seriously. Not only did she take her bra off and flash us, but she did so with a TORN ACL. I’m not going to lie, I left that show with a total girl crush on her.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

I know I probably say this about a lot of shows, but Matt and Kim put on one of the most fun performances I’ve seen in 2019. Without a doubt, I’m sure everyone had the cheesiest of smiles on their faces just like I did. I mean, come on. They even had people crowd surfing on a giant pizza floatie… have you witnessed that at any other show? Didn’t think so.

Songs in the full set list included the following (those with links are my personal favorites):


Check out our full photo gallery from their set below, and be sure to visit to snag a ticket for their next show!

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Featured image credit: Leigh Kettle

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