Nighstream 2020: “Lucky” Capsule Review

Even though it’s fiction and there’s a slasher film vibe going on, the world that director Natasha Kermani builds in “Lucky” feels very real. It’s the same world women face every day.

Bea Grant stars as May, a self-help book writer who every day is attacked by a mysterious masked man and every time, she manages to defend herself against his killing attempts. But when the dust is settled, her husband, the police, her friends, everyone treats the event as something casual. “It’s how things are” or “You were just lucky,” they say. It seems like no one believes how tough the situation is; instead they pat her on the back, congratulating her on her bravery. May is alone: She represents the gaslighted victims of violence and sexism. She represents the women that every day are lucky to get home.

Everything falls into place during the third act, but before that, you may find frustration due to repetition and lack of answers. Grant’s performance is key on getting you through the difficult parts; she handles the dark humor with accuracy, shows vulnerability when needed and  unflinchingly tackles the killer over and over again.

Between January and April of 2020, there were approximately 11,535 femicides in my country. There were 35,599 femicides last year. I’m not a woman, but the most important people in my life are. Now, I cannot tell you how it feels to be a woman walking alone at night on the streets of Mexico City. I do not and I cannot understand their stress and fear, but I can tell you that every time my loved ones go out at night, I am afraid. And that’s why I feel “Lucky” is such an urgent film. Kermani creates a metaphorical story that mirrors real life — a life where women are not allowed to feel safe. I wish every man could watch this; maybe it could lead to a more empathetic and secure world for everyone.

“Lucky” is directed by Natasha Kermani and will be screened at Nightstream 2020 on Sunday October 10 and it will be coming to Shudder later this year. You can follow our coverage of the festival here.

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