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Game of Thrones: The morning after

WARNING: Duh, spoilers at your own risk!

We love our “Game of Thrones” and are happy it’s back and with a vengeance! Talk about a great opening episode.

We still don’t know if Jon Snow is completely dead, or just a little dead, Arya is playing “Daredevil” like games with her best pal, Tyrion is scouting the new territory, Mereen to hopefully work his political magic. Then we almost pity Cersei, as she’s been hiding in shame and so happy to hear the words “A boat has arrived from Dorne” only to have her heart crushed when she see Jamie’s sad face and a golden cloth covering her beloved Myrcella. Then we finally have Sansa, hopefully transitioning into becoming a badass and writing her own wish list of kills, with Brienne of Tarth by her side! (Should have taken her offer the first time, just saying.) And then of course the Mother of Dragons. Oh Dani, such a long journey she’s made to becoming Khaleesi, only now she is shunned for eternity with other Khal housewives…umm that sounds worse than Cersei’s walk of shame…well almost.

Ohh and we can’t get forget the Red Woman, AKA the revealing creepy old naked woman out of our minds! That went from, “okay we know you like getting naked” to utter shock and disbelief and an image that will stay embedded until the next episode!

Here’s the reaction from the morning after from the Twitterverse. Share your thoughts on last night’s premiere in the comments!

We still have hope!

“Daredevil” has a new sidekick!

We love you Brienne!

Celebrities and fans weigh in on Melisandre’s reveal!

We certainly hope so!

And we thought, we had a great watch party!

Until next week Shufflers!

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