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Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival: Thursday Recap

Laughter is the best medicine.  Live, Laugh, Love.  If love is the treasure, laughter is the key.  As a society, we have warm, fuzzy feelings towards having a good laugh.  Laughter brings people together.

 I found this to be particularly true for a mother/daughter duo I met while waiting for tickets to the Maria Bamford show at the Paramount.  Five years ago, Sarah A. went to her first Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival and she was hooked.  Donna A. told me that once she heard about all the acts her daughter got to see, she knew she had to make the next one.  They have been attending Moontower together for four years now.  It’s their tradition-something that allows them to spend quality time with one another enjoying something they have loved since Sarah was just a toddler.  Donna had started making Sarah watch “Saturday Night Live” when she was only four.  “I just sat there and hoped she didn’t get it!” Donna confessed.  Well, Donna, I think she understands the innuendos now.

Maria Bamford

Maria was preceded by Jackie Kashian and Erin Foley.  I had honestly wondered how long it was going to take for someone to comment on the location of our beloved Cap City Comedy Club and Jackie ended that wait in the most comical way.  She poked fun at its location in such a way that you know she is fond of the Austin staple no matter its locale.  Foley was outstanding.  It was clear to see why she is one of the most sought after female comedians today.  Her take on our frontage roads will hit home with all Austinites.  She pulled no punches in her take on our drivers either.  I believe “Mad Max Fury Road” was the reference she made.  So, Austin, maybe we could clean it up a bit, what do you say?

Last night’s headliner was the one, the only, Maria Bamford.  She celebrates 22 years in show business this year.  For one glorious hour, she regaled us with her life and experiences.  Newly married, her husband plays a large role in her new material.  She spoke candidly about her marriage counseling and her battle with mental illness.  She normalized something that is highly stigmatized in our culture.  She is a successful (and extremely funny) woman who has gone through times of turmoil.  Now, she is back and better than ever. Maybe laughter really is the best medicine after all.


If you missed Bamford this week, not to worry.  You can catch her starring in the Netflix Original series “Lady Dynamite” on May 20th.  You can hear more from Foley on her critically acclaimed podcast “Sports Without Balls.”  Last night was the first of six shows this weekend.  Kashian will be performing three more shows this weekend so plan ahead!

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